MOREnet is committed to providing our members accurate and reliable news regarding the consortium and its value-added services. There are several avenues, listed below, via which news is sent from the organization.

Member Announcements – MOREnet sends all broadcast announcements to all official MOREnet contacts via their e-mail addresses. To find the contacts receiving e-mail announcements for your organization, use Find My Contact. MOREnet may also send topic-specific announcements to an individual member contact group when the message is only relevant to that particular group.

Member News – Broadcast member announcements sent to all contacts are also posted to Member News. Non-contacts may subscribe to the news RSS feed by clicking the RSS icon on the bottom of the news archive page.

Twitter - MOREnet has several Twitter accounts to communicate with members in their areas of interest. You can follow any or all of these accounts or you can follow @MOREbyMOREnet to receive a high-level overview from each account. The MOREbyMOREnet Twitter Account will not retweet everything from the individual accounts but will choose tweets of high interest so members can get a sampling of what is happening in the different areas of MOREnet on social media.

Facebook - MOREnet has one Facebook fan page to promote upcoming activities, news regarding the organization and members within the organization. Become a fan.

Discussion Lists - MOREnet discussion lists provide an e-mail message forum where members with similar interests may leave messages for an entire group, just by posting to one list e-mail address. To receive the messages, members simply subscribe to the list. See a list of available discussion lists. MOREnet posts information to the discussion lists to share pertinent information or to clarify membership-related information. We will periodically post member announcements to our discussion lists but do not do this often to avoid duplication for registered contacts.