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Annenberg Media

Annenberg Media provides access to professional development materials for educators. The resources are free and include video-on-demand, live streaming video events and other materials available for purchase. The site also provides access to the Annenberg Channel, a free satellite channel for schools, libraries, colleges and universities; other public access channels are also available.

Free Video-On-Demand Program Access

Access Annenberg Media's video-on-demand programs directly from www.learner.org. Registration is free.

MARC Records Available for Download

Library and university members may download machine-readable cataloging (MARC) records for Annenberg's streaming video content. MARC records enable members of the community to locate these resources at their local libraries as easily as they could locate a book about the same subject. See www.learner.org/marc for more information on this additional free resource.

System Requirements

To hear the sound and view video, users must:

  • Have Windows Media Player,
  • A Web browser with JavaScript enabled, and
  • A broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable modem or LAN connection to at least a T-1).

Technical Support

Should you encounter any technical issues when attempting to access the free video-on-demand programs, see Annenberg Media's FAQ or contact Annenberg Media.

For more information on the resources available from Annenberg Media visit www.learner.org.