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April 15, 2008

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

Members present: Margaret Conroy, Chair, Gary Allen, Russell Brock, Karen Hicklin, Debbie Hughes, Glenda Hunt, Craig Klimczak, Bill Mitchell, Bert Schulte, Tom Stokes for Dan Ross

Alternates present: Dave Byland, David Doennig

Staff present: Bill Giddings, MOREnet, Sherry Loyd, MOREnet, Greg Silvey, MOREnet

Public present: Joel Lareau, Ozark Technical Community College

Chair Margaret Conroy called the MOREnet Council meeting to order. Those who were in attendance are listed above.


Minutes of the February 19, 2008 MOREnet Council Meeting – Approval

Chair Conroy asked for amendments to the meeting minutes. Debbie Hughes moved to approve the February 19, 2008 minutes as distributed. Russ Brock seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

FY10 Budget Request – Endorsement

Greg Silvey reviewed the New Decision Items for the FY10 appropriations request process and stated that the deadline for submission is April 16, 2008. He noted a correction on the Agenda Item Summary where $2,962,000 was typed in error; the correct amount should have read $2,692,000.

Bill Mitchell reminded everyone that the New Decision Items cycle through the University prior to the Department of Higher Education. Chair Conroy asked and Mitchell confirmed that a flat funding scenario for FY09 had been assumed.

Craig Klimczak moved to endorse both the FY10 New Decision Item request of $2,692,000 in ongoing funds and the FY10 New Decision Item Request for $3,287,000 in one-time funds. Glenda Hunt seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Chair Conroy asked if a new lobbying strategy might be needed for next year. Mitchell added that any strategy needs to be fairly broad as most committee members will be term-limited out this year. Once the next Governor is known, a new path or an invigorated current strategy will need to occur.

Klimczak suggested contacting the institutions to see what the implications might be if funds were not received. Mitchell reported that staff has worked on three year cost projections; and will review where cost reductions might occur, including those associated with service reductions. An analysis is also being done to look at the long-term bandwidth trend. A review with the Council will occur after NGN Phase I is implemented and Phase II estimates are determined. Specific strategies to balance the budget in future years, including fee increases, service changes, etc. will all have to be considered. Mitchell also envisions another working session of the Council this fall or winter.





FY09 Appropriation Updates – Discussion

Committee Actions – MOREnet

Mitchell reported that flat funding of the FY09 House Bill 3 general appropriations request has been received. This was the Governor’s recommendation. The one-time request being sought in the House Committee was not successful. Word from the Senate hasn’t been received as of yet. If the Senate recommends an amount it will then go to conference.

HB12 Updates

Chair Conroy reported that no change to their appropriations was received and that there were no questions on library appropriations.

HB2 Updates

Bert Schulte reported that DESE has an item on professional development monies on the Senate floor; otherwise all other appropriations were funded.

DHE Updates

No member present.

Other Updates


Other Business

Byland reported that there are approximately 1,500 old email accounts (not associated with kinetic), historically provided by the TNP and REAL programs for individuals who had no readily accessible or affordable alternatives for email. These accounts have no member organization responsible for acceptable use compliance and are in essence unmanaged. UM Legal Counsel has deemed these accounts a risk that should be eliminated. Staff will work with DESE and TNP representatives on an appropriate transition plan, to be shared with the Council when finalized.

Mitchell reported that the Kauffman Greater Kansas City Internet2 METS Initiative grant proposal was not funded by The Kauffman Foundation. While MOREnet was hoping for funding assistance from Kauffman, their funding decision doesn’t change our relationships with the school districts or their interest in Internet2 projects. MOREnet is still considering opportunities to pursue some of those projects as time and budget permit.

Byland asked David Doennig and Russ Brock if they would like to comment on the New Council Member Orientation session they had been attending just prior to the meeting. Brock was very impressed with the overview of MOREnet and pleased with the knowledge received. Doennig shares Brock’s enthusiasm but wishes it came in smaller bites. Byland added that very good feedback was received from both.

Glenda Hunt appreciates the opportunity for a phone conference when there isn’t a lot of business on the agenda. Byland suggested it might be an option when the majority of the agenda includes updates.

Meeting Schedule

  • July 29, 2008
  • September 23, 2008
  • December 9, 2008

Open Time for the Public to Address the Council

Adjourned at 1:39 p.m.

Respectively Submitted by Sherry Loyd