Fort D - Cape Girardeau

April 26, 2007

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

Council Member Attendees: Bert Schulte, Chair, Gary Allen, Cheryl Bielema, Annie Busch, Margaret Conroy, Rita Gulstad, Karen Hicklin, Debbie Hughes, Jeremy Kintzel for Robert Stein, Bill Mitchell, Deborah Sutton for Jeanie Gordon

Alternates Present: Dave Byland, Russell Helm, Glenda Hunt, Barbara Reading, Tom Stokes, Jim Tom

Staff Present: Bill Giddings, MOREnet, Sherry Loyd, MOREnet, Debbie Rodman, MOREnet, Clarence Maise, UMSL, Debbie Musselman, MOSL

Public Present: Linda Hammer, AT&T

Chair Bert Schulte called the MOREnet Council meeting to order. Those who were in attendance are listed above.


Minutes of the February 16, 2007 MOREnet Council Meetings - Approval

Chair Schulte asked for amendments to the meeting minutes. Deb Sutton moved to approve the February 16, 2007 minutes as distributed. Rita Gulstad seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

FY08 Fiscal Exigency Reserve (FER) Estimate - Endorsement

Dave Byland reported that staff has determined that the FY07 FER targets and funding mechanism appear to be reasonably close to those required for FY08. Staff suggests using the same methodology and numbers as last year. The FER estimate process and funding mechanism will need to be revisited for FY09.

Cheryl Bielema moved to approve the use of the FY07 FER targets and funding mechanism for the FY08 budget. Gulstad seconded and it passed unanimously.

FY09 Appropriation Request - Endorsement

Byland reported that the FY09 request has been submitted with the ability to make modifications within the next several days. The request addressed areas of concern the Council previously discussed: the projected costs of increased bandwidth for K-12 and public higher education connections and the projected cost of increased Internet access. If approved, this request doesn't fix the long-term problem, which is the structure. Gulstad suggested showing numbers in the request to show how vastly the network usage is growing. Sutton asked what the affect of the proposed $2.5M increase would be. Bill Mitchell replied that the proposed $2.5M is for FY08 and that more dollars are needed for FY09. Sutton agreed but suggested MOREnet be prepared to answer that question. Chair Schulte said that the request seems to be a defensible request at this time due to growth.

Sutton moved to endorse the FY09 new Decision Item for the MOREnet FY09 appropriation request. Jeremy Kintzel seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Mitchell added another agenda item, a second Decision Item and shared a handout entitled Non-Major-Metropolitan Connection Issues. He started the discussion by describing that the network in the non-major-metropolitan areas, outside of St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield, does not provide a scalable, cost-effective approach to meet demand. MOREnet's goal is to flatten, not lower, long-term costs. The strategy is to look at communities where MOREnet could assist the community in building an infrastructure that MOREnet could then connect through. The strategy includes encouraging telecommunication providers to accelerate long-term plans to increase capacity delivery in non-major-metropolitan areas.

This second Decision Item is to request funding necessary to proceed with this solution while continuing to do business as usual. The next step is to work with the communities to identify what infrastructure they have in place or could help to develop.

To start the process, this second Decision Item needs to be submitted to the University by tomorrow.

Barbara Reading asked if other technology alternatives were considered prior to deciding on a second Decision Item. Mitchell replied that an alternative to the vendor, the local government or MOREnet owning the infrastructure has not been found. MOREnet believes this is the right answer, the question lies with how to get there, as there is no model to follow.

With general agreement that the described strategy was appropriate, a number of possible approaches to securing additional funding were discussed and a draft of the second Decision Item for FY09 was distributed.

After brief review, Reading suggested incorporating economical development wording in the second Decision Item as getting the infrastructure built will help the community and local businesses. Council members suggested a number of approaches and tactics which would support development of this request as an economic development proposal. Debbie Rodman shared that staff will have more specifics plans and recommendations prior to the final review of the second Decision Item, including suggested performance measures.

Chair Schulte thanked everyone for the great discussion and shared that a Representative championed the funding request for the Virtual School, which won many supporters. The same sort of advocacy for MOREnet would be great. He believes the tie to economic development is needed.

Annie Busch moved to endorse the concept of the development of the Decision Item. Gulstad seconded and it passed unanimously.




Legislative Updates - Discussion

Appropriation Committee Actions

The Senate Appropriations Committee recommended a $2.5M increase for MOREnet to be funded by Lottery to be spent on K-12 and public higher education. The House vote was for flat funding. The full Senate approved the funding increase. It will now be heard by the conference committee next week.

Margaret Conroy reported that HB12 received a recommendation of a $150K increase to purchase a database for Gale Discovery. The request specifically said it was for K-12 use and Senator Gross questioned whether it could come out of Lottery funds. An investigation is taking place. The Senator indicated that the dollars would come out of GR if it can't be funded from Lottery due to certain stipulations.

Republican Caucus Video Demonstration

Representative Dixon, of the Springfield area, invited MOREnet to do a videoconferencing demonstration to showcase videoconferencing capabilities. There is an interest in having videoconferencing capabilities in the Capitol so Representatives can be in touch with their constituents when time does not permit travel from Jefferson City.

There was a live videoconference with Lee's Summit West High School's Robotics competition team and a presentation by Raul Villarreal, Area Manager from General Motors, followed by a videoconference with the Springfield-Greene County Library featuring discussions between Representative Dixon, Representative Fares, Annie Busch and Joel LaReau, Ozark Technical Community College.

After the demonstration, there was good discussion about benefits videoconferencing could bring to members of the legislature.

Council "Messages" Committee Update

The purpose of the committee is to further enhance the kinds of information available to the Council members should they want or need to communicate with legislators or their constituents. The Committee met via conference calls and staff is working on some additional information to share in the next couple weeks.

The information reviewed is used by MOREnet with the legislature, however, additional versions of some of the materials can be focused on certain programs so Council members can use them with other audiences. Committee members noted the high quality of the materials and graphics developed by staff.

NGN Update - Discussion

The RFP for fiber is due back in early June, with the evaluation phase occurring during the following two months.

Staff has begun development of the RFP to acquire the required optical equipment to light up the fiber. Staff hopes to have the RFP out by the end of May with a 30 -60 day turn around. CENIC consultants will be engaged to help with the process.

The University is providing excellent support and cooperation in the RFP development and evaluation process of this project, maintaining a flexible approach to a highly complex procurement activity and funding model.

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) Update - Information

MOREnet submitted the Monitoring Report, FCC Form 445 and the System Security and Integrity plan on time with the FCC's published schedule. After reviewing the recently released open-source code (OpenCALEA) developed by MERIT to determine the level of effort required to implement, it appears to be substantially greater than originally anticipated, and potentially as or more expensive than alternatives. Staff has reopened conversations with Trusted Third Party providers. Staff believes the October 1, 2007 date remains accurate and achievable for compliance.

Rural Healthcare Update - Information

Past USF rules have not achieved development of Rural Health Networks as originally planned, so an opportunity for submission of alternative pilot program proposals is available. MOREnet is working with University's Missouri Telehealth Network on submission of a proposal.

Kauffman Foundation Next Steps - Information

MOREnet has submitted a planning grant proposal to the Kauffman Foundation for a multi-year plan to infuse Internet2 technology into existing Kauffman METS projects in the greater Kansas City area. This project will cut across all aspects of education.

Council Recognition, Dr. Robert Stein

The Council broke for lunch from 11:55 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. during which time Dr. Stein joined the Council. Chair Schulte presented him with a plaque recognizing his extensive involvement with the Council since its inception. Dr. Stein expressed his gratitude for being involved with the MOREnet Council, and encouraged current members to continue making a positive impact on the education and information access communities of Missouri. He commended the Council as an example of how state agencies and constituents should work together for the shared benefit by all.

Good News

MOREnet Quarterly Reports: Recently the Quarterly reports have had a comment in them about the EBSCO statistics. Bill Giddings reported that EBSCO is aware of the problem and are attempting to make appropriate corrections.

MOREnet Regional Meetings: Regional meetings in St. Louis, Kansas City, Kirksville and Poplar Bluff have recently been held. Glenda Hunt was at the meeting in Kirksville and commented that the meeting was very well attended with good conversation. She complimented MOREnet on a wonderful job.

A series of video clips from four recent events were shown for general Council information. The clips included:

First Robotics Competition Video: The First Robotics Competition was in Kansas City on March 16-17. There were 44 teams from seven states. Five Missouri schools went on to the National competition in Atlanta. Students and sponsors would say it was not about winning but about the competition and working together.

Excerpts from the Republican Videoconference Demonstration: See notes from Legislative Updates.

Internet Safety Night: On Tuesday, April 10, MOREnet hosted Internet Safety Night at Smithton Middle School in Columbia. About 50-60 people attended with an additional 600 people from approximately 50 remote sites in Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas connected via interactive video and video streaming. The event was also attended by Lt. Governor Peter Kinder and Kelly Schultz, Director of Legislation for State Representative Jeff Harris.

Riverbluff Cave Day: Busch reported that April 14 was Riverbluff Cave Day at the Springfield-Greene Council Library Center and that Dave Harrison, children's author, spoke about his new book. There were more than 150 in attendance and the event was video streamed around the world via Internet2 with the help of MOREnet. A link to the archived video streaming remains on the Library's homepage.

She also shared that there have been three presentations from the cave and a large crowd has attend every time. She thanked MOREnet for their help in taking the cave to the world. She also thanked Giddings for pushing to get network access into the cave.

Mitchell, having just returned from Internet2, shared that Doug Van Houweling, I2 Vice President, also saw this video streaming online. Mitchell attended a meeting with Van Houweling and others regarding how to get libraries involved in I2.

Giddings concluded with a brief announcement of an interesting upcoming videoconference called "Deer Cam". Scheduled for April 30, this interactive videoconference involves use of video cameras in natural settings for participants to witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

Risk Management Project Update - Information

MOREnet AUP: Byland reported that staff is currently developing modifications to MOREnet's AUP. The current version conflicts with some member initiatives and does not address certain liability issues of the network and service operations.

E-discovery: He also reported that legislation, enacted in December, 2006, has an impact on the MOREnet environment as well. E-discovery legislation extends the discovery of information during litigation to all forms of electronic records, specifically including email. The University has a project started to clarify the issues. MOREnet's Kinetic service is specifically impacted by this legislation in the event a member becomes involved in litigation. If the member's electronic records are subpoenaed and the member uses Kinetic, MOREnet will be required to preserve and provide required email records, where feasible. MOREnet will post general information messages on its website regarding its activities to meet e-discovery issues and will encourage members to contact their legal counsel for their own specific issues.

Cyber Risk Analysis: Byland described an intensive project the University is working on to fully understand possible risks from its technology and communications activities, and to review possible insurable measures to offset these risks. MOREnet's operations are included in this review.

Due to the issues above, staff is looking at all services provided and considering possible legal issues. Staff plans to share results as they are available.

E-rate Update - Information

Byland gave a quick review of the documentation provided in the Council meeting packet, all of which was good news for each of the application years mentioned.

e-Conferencing Service Review Update - Information

Final recommendations are being developed and will be shared at the July Council meeting. All current users are aware that support will be continued through January 08 at no charge.

The University's parallel project to identify their e-Conferencing requirements was completed as scheduled on March 31. They are currently reviewing existing University e-Conferencing product licensing agreements for possible expansion to other UM entities.

Gary Allen doesn't foresee any problems with there being an alternative e-Conferencing solution available to MOREnet consortium members.

Council "Futuring" Workshop Feedback - Discussion

Byland asked if the "Futuring" session with Dr. Larry Johnson was worthwhile. It was determined from the discussion that the Council members would like more of a dialog type of setting versus a presentation setting. Johnson raised awareness but didn't really leave them with a sense of how to move forward.

Mitchell asked for additional topics and suggested a discussion on the future of MOREnet. Busch suggested a discussion on how gaming could be used to help students learn, as Libraries want to bring in gaming and need the backing to do so.

Council Orientation Feedback - Discussion

Byland reported that five attendees were at the first orientation session. Chair Schulte thanked the attendees for taking the time to participate. Most agreed that attending a Council meeting prior to the orientation session was beneficial.

Agency Reports

Debbie Musselman reported that of the technology plans submitted to the State Library, 79 were approved, 16 are in process and 12 need to start. The initial review deadline was April 6.

Kintzel reported that DHE is following the legislative process, hopeful that MOHELA will make it to committee.

Sutton reported for DESE that the Federal Title II.D applications from Missouri school districts were submitted by the March 31 deadline and were reviewed last week. DESE will only be able to fund six.

DESE received approximately 202 technology plans submitted for state approval on April 15. The plans will be reviewed by Missouri educators across the state on May 3.

Also due on April 15 was the State Safe School grant applications.

DESE believes they are going to receive $2.9M for eMINTS METS classrooms. They are in the process of getting the applications out and they hope to receive 140 applications in June.

The deadline was April 15 for the Census of Technology (COT) which is to accurately report access and usage by district and building.

Tom Stokes reported for Dan Ross, Missouri's CIO, that the state's NGN evaluations are being wrapped up and they expect a decision by the end of June.

Other Business

Mitchell reported that a formal letter of request for membership from a proprietary for-profit higher education institution had been submitted and that staff is working with DHE in developing a response to the request. Guidelines for this kind of request were recommended by CBHE in 2002, and staff is reviewing approaches to a formalized implementation of those guidelines.

Meeting Schedule

  • July 24, 2007
  • Sept. 21, 2007
  • Nov. 13, 2007

Meeting adjourned at 1:38 p.m.

Respectively Submitted,
Sherry Loyd