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Calculate Your E-rate Discount

An E-rate discount can range from 20 percent to 90 percent and is determined by:

  1. Location of school, school district or library in an urban or rural area.
  2. The economic status of your students. The level of economic need is normally determined by the percentage of students who are eligible for free or reduced-priced lunches under the National School Lunch Program.
  • Public Schools: Provide the number of students eligible for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) as of the Oct. 1 prior to the filing of the application forms, or use the most current figure available.
  • You may choose to use an actual count of students eligible for the national school lunch program or, as in the case of Private Schools, may calculate that number using only the federally approved alternative mechanisms contained in the Improving America's Schools Act.
    1. Collected through alternative means such as a survey.
    2. From existing sources such as AFDC [Aid to Families with Dependent Children] or tuition scholarship programs.
    3. Schools using a federally approved alternative mechanism may use participation in other income-assistance programs, such as Medicaid, food stamps, or Supplementary Security Income (SSI), to determine the number of students that would be eligible for the NSLP.
  • Public Libraries: Your library discount level is determined by using the discount rate of the school district in which it is located.

Schools and Libraries may calculate their own discounts or use data calculated by MOREnet.

Calculate Your Discount

  1. Compile total number of students per school and number eligible or participating in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. (You need to retain records that verify the data of eligible or participating students.)
  2. Determine if school or library is rural or urban based on the District Location Chart.
  3. Determine the formula required for your organization at the SLD website at:
  4. You will need to refer to the Discount Matrix at: to determine your E-rate Discount Rate.