Changes in MOREnet Blackhole DNS Service

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Effective Oct. 22, 2013, access to MOREnet’s Blackhole DNS servers will be restricted to only those organizations with a MOREnet Internet connection.

If you use the following IP addresses for the Preferred DNS or Alternate DNS servers under TCP/IP configurations or if assigning DNS servers automatically to your users, you must have a MOREnet connection to continue to use these settings after October 22.

Blackhole DNS Servers

These changes will not affect computers that access the Internet using a MOREnet connection. All MOREnet members, whether you have a MOREnet connection or not, may continue to use MOREnet’s Preferred DNS servers.

Preferred DNS Servers

For more information on Blackhole DNS, a valuable, easy-to-use security service, visit MOREnet's Website.

If you need help determining which DNS servers you use, please contact MOREnet Technical Support at or by calling (800) 509-6673.