Columbia, MO Armory

Common Causes of Videoconferencing Problems

Technical Problems

  • Equipment not plugged into power
  • IP address not input correctly
  • IP Gateway not configured correctly
  • Incorrect IP dialed for target site
  • External speakers not turned up
  • Audio not switched from handset to speaker
  • Rj-45 not plugged into wall
  • Endpoint not dialed into conference
  • Network connection for 323 misconfigured
  • Document Camera instead of Room Camera
  • Incorrect type camera selected - comp, s-video

Event Problems

  • No training for facilitator
  • No training for site contact
  • No training for support personnel
  • No event contact phone numbers for Originating and Receive sites
  • No backup plan for continuing the event in case of equipment or connection problems.
    Example of a backup plan: Have a speakerphone in the room.