Community Cloud

We have all wondered about putting some of our services in "the cloud." The new buzzword around organizations everywhere, the cloud is a stand-in for the Internet, networked computers and software services. You can use a cloud service whenever you want your data or software to be stored someplace besides your organization’s network.

But storing your data and software someplace other than behind the walls of your organization or where your tech folks have ready access to it raises many questions and concerns for many people. It makes most technical people sweat just a little. We ask questions: "Will I have enough control? Is our information secure? What if the provider has an outage?"

These are all very valid questions, and MOREnet believes our Community Cloud solution may be just the cloud you need to rest easy. Not all clouds look the same. Actually, no two are alike!

MOREnet’s Community Cloud Solution

MOREnet has been the industry-leading technical advisor, network provider and software host for many applications since 1991. We have been hosting services like Managed E-mail and Web Hosting before the term “cloud computing” even become a buzz! Who better to trust than the folks at MOREnet to keep your data safe, secure and in production. Even better, MOREnet’s Community Cloud solution runs on the most reliable, robust network in Missouri, the MOREnet Network.

At MOREnet we take the word community seriously. We have built the MOREnet consortium on the principle of community: to learn and thrive from one another. Our Community Cloud solution is no different. MOREnet will only be hosting MOREnet members on its cloud. This gives us the ability to concentrate on our members and our members only. MOREnet’s Community Cloud solution is a premier cloud service hosted by MOREnet on MOREnet’s network.

What Sets Us Apart

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