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Configuration and Troubleshooting

Live Video Streaming: Configuration and Troubleshooting

For a detailed description, eligibility, cost and system requirements for this service, see Live Video Streaming in the Services area of the MOREnet website.

Note: Members are responsible for obtaining all necessary rights to publish content via MOREnet's Live Video Streaming Service. See Copyright Issues for Media Content for requirements.

Tips and Guidelines 

  • Before submitting a request form for a live video streaming session, determine the number of connections required. 
  • Providing multiple player connections at one receiving site will reduce the bandwidth available to each of the connections. (See Service Features.)
    • Contact your Network and Video support staff and inform them of the event so they can evaluate the bandwidth at the site.
    • Check MRTG Usage Statistics (accessed through MyMOREnet) for bandwidth availability.
    • Consider using one central player per site for a quality connection. Remember, all connections to the stream at a receiving site count toward the maximum number of connections.
  • The originating site is responsible for providing the stream's URL to designated participants only. If the URL is made available to the public, the maximum number of connections could be exceeded before some intended participants are able to connect.
  • The originating site is responsible for providing technical support for player connections. MOREnet does not provide this support.
  • MOREnet will set up the event based on information submitted in the Live Video Streaming Request Form. Submitting accurate information on this form is essential for a successful connection.
  • Contact Video for streaming support during regular video support hours.

Encoder Setup

Windows Media Encoder Setup

  • The originating site must provide MOREnet with the following information for setting up the server connection:
    • Windows Media Encoder IP address
    • Windows Media Encoder port address
  • MOREnet will provide the URL to access the stream.

Firewall Issues

MOREnet recommends the encoder be placed outside of the site firewall. The encoder must have a static, public IP address. See Firewall Information for Windows Media Services 9 Series for additional information.


Please review the Tips and Guidelines above.

To play the video stream, you must have Windows Media Player 10 or above installed on your computer (free download).

Test stream: MOREnet Event Examples


We will notify the person listed on your Live Video Streaming Request Form if something happens in our environment that affects your streamed event. Beyond looping back your edge device to see that it is functional, MOREnet can supply only limited advice pertaining to problems with your local LAN.

Encoder Issues

Unable to connect to server?

  1. Can you ping the server?
    • No - Trace the route to the server.
      •  If you are unable to go outside your LAN, contact your network administrator.
      • If you are able to go outside your LAN, contact MOREnet.
    • Yes - Review the encoder log for error messages.
  2. If you are still unable to connect, contact MOREnet.

Player Issues

Unable to connect? 

Additional Resources

Windows Media Guides

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