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Dec. 9, 2008

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

Members present: Gary Allen, Russell Brock, Rita Gulstad, Karen Hicklin, Debbie Hughes, Glenda Hunt, Craig Klimczak, Bill Mitchell, Dan Ross, Deborah Sutton for Bert Schulte

Alternates present: David Doennig, Jeremy Kintzel, Barbara Reading, Tom Stokes

Staff present: Natasha Angell, Chip Byers, Sherry Loyd, Debbie Rodman, Greg Silvey

Agency staff present: Jean Morrison, State Library

Chair Margaret Conroy called the MOREnet Council meeting to order. Those who were in attendance are listed above.

Rita Gulstad moved to adopt the proposed new agenda. Deb Sutton seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Minutes of the October 17, 2008 MOREnet Council Conference Call Meeting – Approval

Chair Conroy asked for amendments to the meeting minutes. Glenda Hunt moved to approve the October 17, 2008 minutes as distributed. Russell Brock seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Budget Reduction Strategies – Discussion

Bill Mitchell reported that the University is anticipating and preparing for withholdings of somewhere between 5% and 8% from this year’s state appropriation. With current vacancies, MOREnet believes this cut can be taken without an impact on services. A response is due by the end of the month on how 5% can be cut out of MOREnet’s FY09 budget.

In addition, the Senate and House Appropriations committees are jointly asking that all state agencies submit impact statements for core reductions of state appropriations in the amount of 15%, 20%, and 25%. Responses are due to the University by close of business on December 10.

MOREnet’s Core appropriation is $12.7M. The impact amounts would be as follows: 15% = $1.9M, 20 % = $2.5M and 25% = $3.2M. MOREnet has some vacancies but will not be able to endure a cut of these magnitudes without an impact to services and member fees.

For each scenario MOREnet would reduce internal operating expenses by half of the amount and ask the membership to cover the remaining 50% through an increase in member fees.

Mitchell shared that projected tail circuit growth alone is expected to add approximately $3M to the operating budget next year.

MOREnet Council Advocacy Project – Goal 1 Implementation Plan – Information

Craig Klimczak shared a document from the advocacy working group and explained that now, more than ever, each Council member needs to be more visible in their member community. Must convey that if MOREnet is cut, each constituent actually receives a double cut. The working group asked for testimonies that drive home the value of the services that MOREnet provides, as well as the differentiators that MOREnet brings to the Internet connection. Each Council member is to send an email, with at least a single paragraph testimony to Natasha Angell, project manager.

Discussion ideas:

  • Ask school districts to testify and/or contact statewide organizations for help with communication effort.
  • Point out to the legislature the 24/7 monitoring received from MOREnet. How do you put a price on the full service?
  • Support each other at community events.
  • What separates MOREnet from any other telco?
    • Home (four people and no daytime traffic)
    • Public Entity (many people and bandwidth consumption goes to 100% at 8am and stays there)
  • Business practices have changed; what would be the impact if MOREnet was taken away?
  • Add visuals to legislative handouts to show what the cost is for everyone; with and without MOREnet.
  • Presence at Show-Me Tech Day - February 3
  • Presence at Library Advocacy Day – February 10
  • MOREnet to provide a template for a cost calculator to show the market/street value of MOREnet services.
  • Obama’s Broadband Access initiative of rebuilding schools and pushing broadband into rural areas could be used with legislature as MOREnet members are poised to move in that direction and may be able to leverage some federal funds.
  • Economic and development funds

Legislative handouts need to be completed by mid-January, and the testimonies need to be completed by mid-February.

Gulstad moved to endorse the advocacy plan as presented. Debbie Hughes seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Karen Hicklin reported that the library community met last week and several volunteered to testify. Jeanne Sullivan, of MOREnet, will work with those volunteers. Hicklin will continue to coordinate this effort even though this is her last Council meeting. She would like to share the advocacy group’s handouts with the library distribution lists as soon as possible for maximum preparation for the Library Advocacy Day on February 10.

Chair Conroy thanked Klimczak and all involved in the effort to date for their contributions to such an important endeavor.

Dan Ross shared a legislative district specific card his office uses with the legislature and will send an electronic copy to Mitchell.

Mitchell reminded everyone of the MOREnet member Collaboration matrix website.

MOREnet Council Goals CY09 – Approval

Chair Conroy reported that after reviewing the goals created for FY07/08, she doesn’t deem any changes necessary at this time for them to become the goals for CY09.

After discussions about Futuring and ways to measure; a decision was made to focus on the current goal document and measure progress at the end of the year. There was also consensus for pulling the action items out of the document and referencing an action plan.

Chair Conroy to draft changes and send out electronically for final approval.




FY10 Appropriations – Discussion

State Library – HB12 Requests

Chair Conroy reported that MOSL has been working with MOREnet to rebid online resources. MOSL provided the SOS’s office reports, however, it has been decided that there will be no increase in the appropriation request to support that resource.

MOSL also submitted a request from the athletes and entertainers fund to obtain materials for libraries, as well as, a request for $4M in state aid.

The Learning Express Library Statewide subscription, funded by the REAL program’s E-rate funds will expire in September 2009.

DESE – HB2 Requests

Sutton reported that DESE submitted a request to continue the METS grant program to support schoolwide eMINTS implementations with a focus on mathematics and science.

Show-Me TechKnowledge day is February 3 from 8:00-Noon in the Third Floor Rotunda of the Capitol.

CBHE – HB3 Requests

Jeremy Kintzel reported that the Coordinating Board’s approved budget request reflects a 4.3% increase to get the department and institutions back to prior funding levels. The Board also asked for an additional 3% for inflation. CBHE met last week and no formal changes have been made to the DHE requests.

Bandwidth Growth Projections – Information

Mitchell reported that bandwidth growth is on the rise. Already this year staff are seeing 54% growth over the same period for last year.

Member Reports

Barbara Reading reported that the public libraries responded to a Gates Foundation survey on broadband needs. MOREnet was able to assist by providing a spreadsheet with each library’s MOREnet connection information so that only additional connections had to be added. The information was gathered in support of future grant opportunities expected to come through the Gates Foundation.

There is another Gates Foundation grant opportunity; an online opportunity hardware grant. Libraries will complete an inventory of current equipment for review by Gates. Gates will recommend the capacity they believe each library should have based on population characteristics and offer the libraries an opportunity to add or replace PCs. Expecting survey results late spring.

RealEZ training will be conducted by MOREnet in January.

Jean Morrison is working with Rebecca Miller, of MOREnet, to assist libraries in applying for E-rate discounts for their telephone service. January 12 is the deadline.

Jeanne Sullivan is working with MOSL staff on the database bids, which include general periodical, health and K-12. The prebid conference has occurred and bid responses are due back on December 22.

Tom Stokes reported that the state has a disaster recovery site up and running in Springfield. The site has been tested with some critical systems; however, it is not yet capable of backing up yet or bringing the entire operation back up.

Gulstad reported that independent higher education institutions are concerned about the possible reallocation of Missouri funds for only public higher education institutions.

Klimczak reported that STLCC has outsourced student email to Microsoft.

Hughes reported that school districts are working hard to submit their core data and comprehensive school improvement plans.

Ross reported that this might be his last meeting.

Other Business

Chair Conroy reported that she would be retaining Chair for another year and Dr. Tim Gallimore would assume the position the next year since he is just joining the Council.

She presented Hicklin with a plaque for her service on the Council as this was her last meeting. David Doennig will become the member representative and Waller McGuire, St. Louis Public Library, will be the new alternate.

Meeting Schedule

Loyd is in the process of scheduling the 2009 meetings. Anticipate some conference calls this year.

Open Time for the Public to Address the Council


Adjourned 1:00pm

Respectfully Submitted by Sherry Loyd