E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering

Service Description

MOREnet's E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering service is a low-cost layer of protection for your e-mail system. E-mail viruses and spam are two of the biggest hassles system administrators have to deal with on today's Internet. The E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering service requires no end user participation; no server, equipment or software reconfiguration; no time to administer; and no hardware investment on your part. Everything happens on MOREnet's backbone. Best of all, the service removes all known e-mail-borne viruses and eliminates most spam.

What does this mean for you? Viruses and spam are less likely to get to your systems. Network traffic goes down, and bandwidth available to legitimate applications goes up. Other possible improvements include improved ability of legitimate e-mail to get to the proper recipient, fewer security incidents, reduced legal liability from inappropriate content and reduced staff time spent cleaning up after incidents.


  • Removes all known e-mail-borne viruses.
  • Removes most spam automatically.
  • Virus signature database updated within an hour of new version availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • May be able to extend the life of existing e-mail hardware by reducing volume of spam devices must manage.
  • Saves your staff the time and frustration of sorting legitimate messages from spam and e-mail virus traffic, freeing up your network for legitimate use.
  • Reduces inappropriate use of computing and storage resources.
  • Reduces security incidents from e-mail-borne virus infections.
  • May reduce legal liability from inappropriate content making its way onto systems.
  • Reduces staff time spent cleaning mailboxes, disinfecting or reloading systems.
  • Does not require any technician oversight.
  • Does not require any end-user activity or training.


  • Only MOREnet customers are eligible for this service.
  • Customers must have their own mail servers to participate.
  • Customers of MOREnet's kinetic E-mail Hosting service do not need to subscribe to this service. E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering is included in kinetic.

Accessing the Service

Organizations that subscribe to this service after the beginning of the fiscal year will be billed on a prorated by month basis.

Download the MOREnet E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering order form to order this service.


Based on number of e-mail addresses:

1-999 e-mail addresses: $595
1,000 or more e-mail addresses: $1095

Terms and Conditions

MOREnet's E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering service should be one component of an organization's overall virus protection and e-mail filtering approach. Use of this service does not guarantee 100% removal of viruses and other malware from e-mail or guarantee freedom from viruses or other malware infection through other means. Similarly, use of this service does not guarantee 100% removal of unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail, commonly known as "spam."