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Encryption Key Escrow

All data that is sent to the Network Backup service must be encrypted and is kept in this state both during transit as well as while it is stored. This is done for your protection, but if the encryption key that is used to protect your data is ever lost it will be impossible to restore your data. Because it is so critical to manage encryption keys MOREnet offers two levels of protection that may be used to ensure access your key when needed, both of which are provided at no additional cost.

Electronic Escrow

The key can be sent electronically when it is first created as a part of the configuration of your backup. MOREnet has no way to see what this key is because it is stored in an encoded format, but we can return the encoded value back to you when needed. You will not be able to decode the encoded key but the backup software can use the encoded key to access your data.

The benefit of electronic escrow is that it is done with the click of a button and is then managed automatically as a part of your backup service. The downside of this method is that only the encoded value of your key can be returned to you. This is good for restoring data if you forgot your password, but data will continue to be encrypted using a key that you may no longer know. This can be the case when an employee that set the original key is no longer working for you.

Physical Escrow

MOREnet provides a physical key escrow service that will allow for the actual key to be stored and returned to you any time you request. The benefit of the physical escrow is that you will always have a method of knowing the key that was used. This often happens due to employee turnover or simply from human memory loss. Remember that your data cannot be restored if you don’t know what the key is.

To participate in the physical escrow service, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. On paper, please type TWO copies of the following (do not handwrite):
    1. Site Name
    2. Site Address
    3. Key
  2. Place each completed form into a tamper proof envelope
  3. Place both of the tamper proof envelopes into a manila mailing envelope
  4. Mail this to the following address:

Dataedge Solutions
P.O. Box 601
Olathe, Kansas 66051

MOREnet's Network Backup service provider, Dataedge Solutions, will keep each envelope in separate secure locations. Neither MOREnet nor the service provider will ever open these envelopes unless specifically requested by you to assist with a data restore, or we can return the unopened envelopes for your use.