FCC Unveils Full Text of its National Broadband Plan

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Tuesday, March 16, the FCC unveiled the full text of its National Broadband Plan (NBP).

Having provided secure, robust and reliable network connectivity to Missouri’s research and education community for twenty years, MOREnet appreciates the FCC’s leadership in establishing a vision and set of broadband goals for the country. MOREnet was a very early provider of broadband services to its member institutions and values the leadership of the FCC in moving the country forward to more ubiquitous coverage.

MOREnet encourages Congress to carefully review the recommendations of the FCC and to re-establish the United States as an unparalleled leader in broadband globally. Like the railroads, rural electrification and the interstate highway system infrastructure investments that proceeded it, investments in broadband will transform the landscape once again. MOREnet is pleased to see the NBP support and recognize research and education networks in meeting the connectivity needs of anchor institutions such as schools, libraries and state agencies.

Find the full text of the National Broadband Plan at http://download.broadband.gov/plan/national-broadband-plan.pdf.