Good News for MOREnet Members: FY14 Fees Announced

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We are pleased to share good news about service fees for the next fiscal year, FY14. Thanks to your unwavering support and commitment to the consortium, we are reducing the Network Connectivity Fee for a fourth consecutive year and holding all other service fees flat with FY13 rates.

Over the last four years, MOREnet has reduced the Network Connectivity Fee by an overall, combined average of 33 percent. The reduction in the Network Connectivity Fee is possible due to continued bandwidth growth across all member network connections. This member-driven growth continues to increase our revenue above levels which are used to set rates. This, combined with lower costs on the MOREnet backbone and Internet access through price negotiations and expenditure management, translates to good news for members with MOREnet-managed connections.

For our REAL public library members, in addition to benefitting from the reduced Network Connectivity Fee, the State Library will continue its current FY13 subsidy levels into FY14. This is based on an assumption of level-funding of the REAL appropriation in House Bill 12 for FY14.

As our current contract and funding source for the LearningExpress Library resource expires on Sept. 30, 2013, MOREnet will roll access to this highly-valuable resource into the Full-Service Package. The LearningExpress Library resource will no longer be available to members via the Basic Service Package as of Oct 1, 2013.

For FY14 service options and fee details, please select from the following links:
K-12 Schools, Higher Education Institutions and Affiliate Organizations
REAL Public Libraries

We appreciate your continued support and are proud to be your trusted partner for technology, innovation and support.

For questions regarding FY14 fees, please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone on our Member Relations team.

Happy Holidays from the entire MOREnet team.

Natasha Angell
Director of Member Services