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Internet Content Filtering - Member-hosted

With the member-hosted Internet Content Filtering service, the filtering hardware and software are located on the member network and on equipment provided and maintained by the member. This configuration allows the organization to have complete control over the service and receive access to full reporting and configuration capabilities.

Software and Hardware Requirements

MOREnet will provide consulting and technical assistance with configuring and troubleshooting the Netsweeper server. Netsweeper is a precompiled software appliance, based on Linux, that installs on a mid-sized server with upgraded RAM.

Minimum Netsweeper Server Requirements

  • 2 GHz processor or greater
  • 2 GB RAM or greater
  • 200 GB free disk space
  • Linux-compatible hardware
  • 1 or 2 Network Interface Cards

Netsweeper Network Deployments

MOREnet will support three network designs for Netsweeper running on local area networks (LANs):

  • Transparent Bridge Mode: two NICs are required and the Netsweeper server can be inserted or removed without affecting the network.
  • Gateway Mode (Reflector/Router): one NIC is required, workstations use the Netsweeper server IP address as their default gateways and the Netsweeper server forwards traffic to the gateway or firewall.
  • Pass-by Mode (Sniffer): two NICs are required; one for managing the Netsweeper server and a second for listening to mirrored traffic from a managed switch.

Netsweeper Alternative Deployments

The Netsweeper Content Filter also works with the following firewalls using IFP (Internet Filtering Protocol). Below are some alternative deployments.

  • Bluecoat, Cisco ASA/PIX, Cisco IOS
  • Scom Superstack 3
  • Squid proxy, ISA

BorderManager Deployments

Novell BorderManager has discontinued development support for URL-filtering. Netsweeper is designed to be independent of any firewall, so any of these deployments will work. Netsweeper provides more detailed reporting than BorderManager, and it works with Novell’s eDirectory LDAP along with Microsoft’s Active Directory.

Support Responsibilities

MOREnet Responsibilities

  • Provide technical assistance on configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Act as liaison and escalate problems to the vendor's technical support.
  • Provide free Netsweeper software and client software for deploying on your network.
  • Provide the serial key for installing the Netsweeper operating system.
  • Provide consulting and technical assistance on configuration for the supported NAT firewall devices to work with the Netsweeper server.

Member Responsibilities

  • Have a support contract with the firewall vendor and download the latest firmware.
  • Provide the hardware to install the Netsweeper server.
  • Install, configure and provide hands-on troubleshooting of the NAT device.
  • Install and configure the Netsweeper operating system software.
  • Define the appropriate filters for the Internet Content Filtering service on the Netsweeper server.


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