Columbia, MO Courthouse

January 6, 2004

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

The January 2004 meeting of the MOREnet council was held on Jan. 6, 2004, at the Governor Office Building in Jefferson City Missouri. All members of the Council were present.

For the information of the Council, Bill Mitchell, Executive Director of MOREnet, presented a general overview of the MOREnet organization including the history, structure, network services, programs, goals and objectives and a financial overview. Following the presentation, Council members requested that financial graphs and illustrations be updated for easier understanding and clearer presentation. In addition, the Council requested that for subsequent presentations detailed question and answer materials be prepared for each information, discussion or decision item to be mailed to members in advance in order to better facilitate meetings.

Action items presented to the Council included a call for the formation of a small sub-committee to meet prior to the next meeting. The charge to the committee is to develop timelines, goals and activities to meet the responsibilities of the Council as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding. The sub-committee will also develop questions and answers for Council discussion concerning bandwidth capacity. Council members were asked to volunteer for the committee that will be convened by Council Chair, Susan Cole.

Further Council action was to request that MOREnet submit specific FY06 appropriation request issues to the Council chair in order to obtain feedback from Council members prior to the April meeting. It was noted that MOREnet’s Form 5 proposed additions for FY06 are due to UM Budget and Planning April 14, 2004.

Meeting dates for the 2004 calendar were established. The Council will meet April 8, July 12 and Oct. 7. Places and times will be announced at least two weeks prior to each meeting.

MOREnet brought two decision items to the Council. The first was a question surrounding the issue of shared network port fees. Discussion focused on capacity if all current customers used the maximum available versus use on average. Other issues were potential customers demanding extra capacity, concern for future capacity and growth of current users, including the actual customer need as opposed to non-business or non-academic large-file transfers. Member Don Doucette was asked to present the need for developing size appropriate parameters for its members to the MERC Board and ask the MERC Board to make recommendations to the Council for its consideration.

Following the discussion, member Annie Busch made the motion to adopt a policy that would grandfather existing customers who wished to expand capacity, on a case-by-case basis, without an additional fee. Such requests will be considered by the Council one request at a time. Member Ralph Caruso seconded the motion that carried with no dissent. The Council further noted that in the event MOREnet encounters a new customer with significant bandwidth requirements, the proposal for accommodating those requirements would be reviewed by the Council.

A request from UM Telehealth to expand capacity was heard and approved by the Council.

The second decision item presented was to determine if the Council wished to approve funding any costs connected to e-Conferencing services. Discussion included benefits of electronic conferencing and the issue of funding initial startup cost versus ongoing costs. MOREnet advised appropriate cost recovery/customer fee schedules would be developed to cover the approximately $300,000 annual operating and maintenance costs for the e-Conferencing software and service. Members were advised that costs associated with user training for individual institutions would be in addition to customer use fees, and would be a direct customer charge.

Member Jeanie Gordon made the motion that the Council fund the $500,000.00 initial one-time license costs pro-rated over three years from reserve funds related to the core appropriation. Member Nancy Devino seconded the motion. Motion carried with Parker voting no.

Closing Council business detailed the duties of the Council Chair and the duties of MOREnet in relation to the Council. The next meeting will be April 8, in the Missouri School Boards Association Conference Room, located in the Governor’s Office Building. Subsequent meetings will be held on July 12, and Oct. 7, 2004.