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July 12, 2004

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

The MOREnet Council met on July 12, 2004, in the Governor's Office Building, Jefferson City, MO. All members of the Council were present.

As its first item of business, the Council heard a report from Gerry Wethington, state CIO for the Office of Information Technology. One of the first tasks of the office was that of data consolidation across the state, decreasing redundancies across state agencies resulting in more efficient work and significant cost saving. Of special interest now are activities related to statewide networking and a blueprint for government business.

A Missouri Network Management Consolidation (MNMC) committee has been formed to examine the status of networking architecture across the state and to make recommendations to improve communications across agencies, networks and technology modalities, forming a consortium that would share existing resources, increase efficiency and effectiveness and leverage costs. Council members asked about communication within the agencies represented and between the committee members and legislators.

The Council approved a motion stating that the Council send a letter to Jill Hansen, chair of the network Consolidation committee, that supports the exploration of a consolidated voice and data network, encourages the consolidation committee to complete the study in a timely fashion, and asks the committee to share its findings with the MOREnet Council. Susan Cole, Council Chairman, and Bill Mitchell, MOREnet Executive Director, were asked to draft the letter to be sent by July 22.

Brief information only reports were presented to the Council on the progress of several items including;

  • eMINTS transition from MOREnet to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. eMINTS is aligning the professional development modules with the ISTE National Technology Standards
  • Great Plains Network.MOREnet serves as the facilities manager of this hub.
  • UM website development and support.This work is conducted under an MOU with the University.

Other State-funded activities were presented for a question and answer session. Those items included:

  • Telemed expansion - no questions or discussion.
  • Centra video conferencing - 400 licenses purchased.
  • Internet content filtering - currently 101 entities subscribe to this service.

Further information items presented to the Council included a review of the FY04 Goals and Objectives, the FY05 Goals and Objectives and the Long Range Plan review. A Council committee was formed to work on Long Range Planning issues. Assigned to the committee were Annie Busch, Gerry Wethington, Don Doucette, Cheryl Bielema and Susan Cole.

In further committee action, the Council appointed Margaret Conroy, Susan Cole, Sara Parker and Ralph Caruso to a budget committee.

A draft FY05 Council schedule and meeting plan was presented to and approved by the Council.

During discussion of development of performance measures required in the appropriation process, the Council reviewed drafts of suggested items and directed MOREnet to verify the actual measures required with the help of Robert Stien. MOREnet will discuss final wording directly with the agencies.

As part of a strategy to deal with a $500,000.00 reduction in House Bill 3 funding, MOREnet will no longer pay for the telecommunications cost for seven distance learning sites. These sites will continue to receive video services and all have agreed to pay their telecommunications costs, effective January 2005. There will be no reduction in the number of sites, but rather a transfer of costs to the sites.

The Council will meet Friday, Nov. 12, 2004, in the Governor's Office Building in Jefferson City.