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Library Research Project

January 2014 Update

UCPL has been engaged by many organizations in the community interested in the project, in particular LaunchCode STL. Work on video and audio digitization workstations continues. online training is nearly ready for the public. Many more items remain in the works.

December 2013 Update

University City Public Library featured the research project in the lead article of their patron newsletter. UCPL is beginning to work with Launch Code St. Louis and the University City Symphony Orchestra in addition to the community supporters in their original proposal.

November 2013 Update

The research project at University City Public Library has been featured in a story in the University City Newsletter and an article in the West End Word.

Research Project Solicitation

MOREnet’s purpose is to be a trusted partner to its members for technology, innovation and support. To serve this purpose, we are constantly researching and exploring new technologies, processes and solutions to help our members adapt and succeed in this rapidly changing technology environment.

MOREnet has an exciting and game-changing partnership opportunity for a visionary public library member to explore what the future of library services will be and to define and implement the technologies that will support those services. The partnership will work to remove technical barriers and adopt, adapt and create a set of services to support these future library services.

With the endorsement of the MOREnet Council and the Missouri State Library, MOREnet has budgeted up to $330,000, over a three-year period, to support a research project with a public library selected for partnership. Our envisioned goal at the end of the project is to improve community library support in a sustainable environment by developing a practical approach to transforming and supporting public libraries engaged in 21st Century library services.

Interested libraries should submit a proposal describing the vision the library (and any community partner) wants to pursue and how it best meets the criteria of the research project.

21st Century Library Transformation Documentation

Please use the Library Research Project Proposal Template when responding to the project solicitation.


MOREnet conducted Web Seminar regarding the 21st Century Library Transformation Project Solicitation on Thursday, May 16, 2013.

Watch Web Seminar

Frequently asked questions now evolving on

Library member partnership proposals are due no later than Thursday, August 1, 2013. You may submit your proposal by e-mailing it to

Project Schedule

Year 1 (2013)
May 6 MOREnet to publish solicitation, project schedule and evaluation criteria to libraries.
Aug. 1 Partnership proposals are due from libraries.
Sept. 5 Finalists selected. Meetings with finalists scheduled to ensure understanding of the Partnership Proposal.
Sept. 26 Project partner library selected. Research project planning begins.
TBD Research project year 1 plans finalized and begin implementation.
Year 2 (2014) 
Aug. 30* Evaluate year 1. Research project year 2 planning begins.
Nov. 30* Research project year 2 plans finalized and begin implementation.
Year 3 (2015) 
Aug. 30* Evaluate year 2. Research project year 3 planning begins.
Nov. 30* Research project year 3 plans finalized and begin implementation.
End (2016) 
Aug. 30* Evaluate project. Publish final results.

* Provisional dates. Actual dates to be negotiated with partner library.


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