Live Video Streaming

Service Descriptions

MOREnet's Live Video Streaming service enables members to send encoded streams to a server capable of distributing them to 500 connections. This eliminates the need for member organizations to increase their bandwidth in order to serve streaming video.  Price includes the file being archived and available for one month.


  • MOREnet's server license permits up to 500 simultaneous player connections. One host stream can support up to 500 connections at 300 Kbps, or multiple host streams can support a combined total of 500 connections at 300 Kbps.
  • MOREnet has a contract with a third party streaming service for requests exceeding the MOREnet server capacity.
  • The service is available on a first come, first served basis.
  • MOREnet will provide statistics about each streaming video session to the event coordinator.
  • Streaming service is available during video support hours.

System Requirements

To Originate the Stream

A PC with an encoder card and Windows Media Encoder version 9.0 (freeware), with compatible OS or a  windows media encoder appliance.

To Receive the Stream

Windows Media Player 9 or above (free download).

For additional information about requirements and setup for MOREnet's Live Video Streaming service, please see Live Video Streaming: Configuration and Troubleshooting.


All MOREnet members with equipment and software that meet the minimum required specifications for originating a stream can request retransmission of their stream through MOREnet's Live Video Streaming service.

Terms and Conditions

  • Content. Members are responsible for producing and encoding their own events. The originating site can stream either live or taped video.
  • Intellectual Property Rights. Media, such as audio, video and still images, are subject to intellectual property rights and copyright laws just as text materials are. The originating site is responsible for ensuring that notice for copyright or other intellectual property rights are properly displayed.
  • Network Technician. The originating site must have a network technician available during the session.
  • Testing. Testing must be completed two business days prior to the event.
  • Cancellation. If the originating site must cancel a requested session, it should do so at least two business days prior to the event.
  • Publicity. The originating site is responsible for any required public notice, advertising, establishing a webpage regarding the event or related items such as post-session evaluation.
  • Stream Storage. MOREnet will archive the stream for one month.  The originating site may also record the video for later use. A download version is available upon request.
  • Conditional access.  If restricted access is required, this is the responsibility of the requestor.  MOREnet will provide a direct link to our server for members to embed in a registration page, so the link remains hidden.  Communication with the requesting organization during the event is critical in the event that the server link must be changed.  This happens very rarely but must be considered.

Accessing the Service

The originating site must submit a Live Video Streaming Request Form for each streaming session at least ten business days before the event.


Cost for a standard one-time, two-hour event that does not exceed MOREnet's server capacity (500 connections @ 300kbps) is $270.  Events over two hours, the fee will be calculated rounding to the next whole hour per the prices outlined below.  Events occurring outside normal business hours require special assignment of Video staff and will incur an additional charge. 

  1. Initial cost for an event is $270 which includes the first 2 hours.
  2. 2-20 hours is $40/hour in addition to $270.
  3. 21-40 hours is $30/hour in addition to $270 and 20 hours @ $40/hour.
  4. After 40 hours is a custom quote.
  5. If another event from the same location is held and there have been no encoder or network changes, the $270 fee wil be waived and the first 2 hours will be charged $40/hour.


MOREnet will set up the event based on information submitted in the Live Video Streaming Request Form. The originating site is responsible for providing technical support for player connections. MOREnet provides live streaming support on the same basis as for its videoconferencing service. See Contact Video Support for contact information and hours of support. Live Video Streaming: Configuration and Troubleshooting information is available in the Technical Support section of the MOREnet website.