MOREnet and Internet2

MOREnet is proud to be the only research and education network providing network transport services for Internet2.

Internet2 is a consortium of over 200 universities, in partnership with industry and government, to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technology. It provides a connection for educators and researchers to virtually every research network across the globe, opening the door for increased collaboration and communication.

MOREnet was one of the first state education networks to receive designation as an Internet2 Sponsored Educational Group Participant (SEGP). Through this program, the MOREnet serves as a conduit to Internet2’s many resources and provides all MOREnet members with access to Internet2, thereby offering them educational and research opportunities previously available only to large public research institutions.

MOREnet was also instrumental in the initial development of the Internet2 K20 initiative and continues to serve in a leadership capacity on the K20 Advisory Committee. The K20 project brings people together from Internet2 member institutions, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, libraries, and museums on a variety of initiatives.

MOREnet's current infrastructure supports up to 8.8 terabits per second of network traffic in 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) optical paths. MOREnet's current backbone has a 100Gbps circuit from Columbia to Kansas City and another 100Gbps circuit from Columbia to St. Louis. Both circuits connect to Internet2’s National Innovation Platform, making MOREnet the only research and education network providing network transport services for Internet2.

"MOREnet's upgrade dramatically expands capacity to access Internet2's Advanced Network services at 100Gbps and beyond. This network project enables the University of Missouri's researchers to better detect and treat autism, for example, while also supporting other Missouri researchers and connecting collaborators throughout the nation and the world," said Rob Vietzke, Internet2 vice president of network services. "This is another key building block that expands Missouri's support for large-scale science, technology, engineering and mathematics for future discoveries. The Internet2 community is delighted to have MOREnet as a leading national contributor to the nation's innovation platform."