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MOREnet Announces Community Cloud Computing Data Center Expansion

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MOREnet has been the industry-leading technical advisor, network provider and software host for many applications since 1991. We have been hosting services like Managed E-mail and Managed Web Hosting before the term “cloud computing” even became a buzzword! Who better to trust than the folks at MOREnet to keep your data safe, secure and in production. Even better, MOREnet’s Community Cloud solution runs on the most reliable, robust network in Missouri, the MOREnet Network.
MOREnet Data Center Operations will be expanding to a second data center for hosting some Community Cloud services. The second data center will be in a different geographic area, and the expansion will be completed by end of FY12Q2. Additional investments will be made to replace aging hardware and implement new technologies to achieve the following goals:

  • Achieve 99.99% uptime; on average less than one minute downtime per week
  • Eliminate all single points of failure with automatic failover when an individual component fails
  • Expand from one to two data centers, ensuring member hosted websites and services are available even if a disaster occurs at one data center
  • Provide additional capacity for scaling and performance to support database-driven dynamic web applications like Learning Management Systems (LMS) Hosting or Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Deploy ability for each data center to have the capacity to handle the entire load if one data center becomes unavailable due to maintenance or an outage
  • Provide realtime replication of data between data centers for disaster recovery and failover; this includes databases, file servers and log servers

Services which will benefit from this technology refresh and expansion include:

Deployment of the new technology will take a number of months and will require scheduled downtime for some services during the normal Sunday maintenance windows. Specific announcements will be made to members of affected services when that information is available.

When completed, those services which benefit from the new data center architecture will rarely suffer any downtime, and MOREnet technicians will be able to perform almost all maintenance without disrupting hosted services.

To learn more about MOREnet's Community Cloud Solution and all the other services MOREnet provides visit our Solution Center, e-mail or call (800) 509-6673.