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MOREnet Announces Fiber Expansion in SE Missouri

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

MOREnet is Making a Major Commitment for Your Future…

Imagine what your institution could do with up to a gigabit or more of bandwidth! Imagine a long-term fiber commitment from MOREnet that can help you change your current connectivity approach and stabilize costs over the long-term.

Stop outgrowing your available bandwidth and let MOREnet help you start making plans to grow into it!


  • Supporting innovative teaching and learning tools
  • Enabling the accelerated use of technology
  • Leveraging cloud services
  • Supplying the bandwidth needed to improve your users’ online experience
  • Supporting one-to-one and BYOD initiatives
  • Stabilizing your connectivity costs for years to come

MOREnet is excited to announce a new public-private partnership with Sho-Me Technologies to expand the fiber infrastructure for high-capacity, low-cost Internet access in the southeast area of Missouri, an area underserved by existing broadband infrastructure. With this expansion, MOREnet can help you build fiber directly from the network to your institution. That’s right, we are bringing the MOREnet network closer to you to help stabilize your connectivity costs!

To facilitate detailed conversations with your organization and other specific member sites that can benefit from this opportunity, MOREnet will be scheduling a number of meetings at various member locations in southeast Missouri in late April and early May. Please watch for more information on these meetings dates and locations. We are sure you have several questions and we look forward to talking with you about those very soon. In the meantime, here are a few resources we anticipate may help:

April 7 Press Release

Frequently Asked Questions

MOREnet has been serving Missouri for more than twenty years and our goal is to remain your trusted partner for technology and support for many more decades. This regional connectivity project is another example of constant innovation for products and services on our members’ behalf.

Should you have questions regarding this announcement, please contact our Member Relations team at (800) 509-6673 or send email to