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MOREnet Announces FY12 Membership Options

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MOREnet is pleased to announce FY12 membership options designed to provide flexibility and cost-saving opportunities for all members.

FY12 Membership Highlights:

  • Choose from two membership service packages, depending on the volume of service you require.
  • Choose a one- or three-year membership term, lowering and locking-in your annual fees for budgeting purposes.
  • Choose both membership services and connectivity, services-only or connectivity-only. It’s up to you!
  • Take advantage of reduced Network Connectivity Fees, lowering your overall per Mb cost to serve your users.
  • Lock-in and align your (reduced!) MOREnet Network Connectivity Fee with your actual circuit term, eliminating any fee surprises during the term of your circuit.

Click here for FY12 membership details.
We realize budgets are continuing to be reduced and difficult decisions are being made. We value your membership and the power of the consortium that is only made possible by each member’s continued participation. By announcing options and fees earlier than ever before, we hope to provide members with sufficient time for planning and budgeting. We also hope you will find that our FY12 options allow you to configure the perfect combination of MOREnet services to meet your needs and budget.
Early Circuit Termination Penalties From Vendors – As many members are already aware, MOREnet is in the process of transferring circuit early termination penalty liabilities to each member before the end of FY11. Online quotes are being provided for member acceptance before June 1, 2011. Penalties will only be imposed by a vendor if a circuit is cancelled before the completion of circuit term. Contact your Program Manager for questions or additional information. For any circuit where the member has not accepted the early termination penalty liability by June 1, 2011, MOREnet will proceed to notify the vendor of circuit cancellation and the member will need to make alternative connectivity arrangements.
Early termination penalties from MOREnet – Should members elect to cancel membership or connectivity with MOREnet, beginning in FY12 MOREnet will impose nominal cost-recovery and processing fees. See FY12 membership information for details.
Important E-rate Deadlines – The E-rate program has recently announced changes in deadlines and filing requirements beginning in FY12. For E-rate-eligible MOREnet members, MOREnet is planning to file for E-rate reimbursement for Internet connections on your behalf for FY12 unless you tell us otherwise. Before February 1, 2011, MOREnet must receive your anticipated FY12 bandwidth and upgrade needs or written notice that you will not have a MOREnet connection in FY12.
Members considering alternative connectivity or service solutions should ensure their organization’s bandwidth needs are identified and understood, including bandwidth-intensive applications, network performance sensitive applications and activities. Click here for additional information on What Sets MOREnet Apart including questions to ask an Internet Service Provider, pricing worksheets and bandwidth simulators.
MOREnet Regional Meetings Happening Now – To ensure all members receive this important FY12 membership information and have an opportunity to ask questions, MOREnet is currently holding regional member meetings in-person in various locations throughout the state and virtually in the form of three Adobe Connect web seminars. Don’t delay, register today!
As members begin thinking about FY12 service needs, we encourage all to understand how your organization is currently using services from MOREnet, including connectivity utilization. This utilization information is available by logging in to MyMOREnet. For assistance in accessing the MyMOREnet application, please contact MOREnet Technical Support at
Each organization’s Institutional Representative will soon be invited to share FY12 service selections with MOREnet. Once selections have been made, an electronic quote will be generated for your approval.
Please note that the FY12 membership services and fees are dependent upon basic assumptions including minimum membership levels and availability of the REAL program’s state appropriation. Should changes in these assumptions require the need to revise services or fees for FY12, MOREnet will notify all members as soon as possible.
For questions regarding this announcement or your FY12 membership options, please contact your Program Manager or a member of the Member Relations team at (573) 884-7200 or