MOREnet Announces Interim Executive Management Committee

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As I shared earlier this year, I will be stepping away from my role as MOREnet Executive Director. On Oct. 12, 2009, I will transition from my role as Executive Director into a part-time role with MOREnet supporting the legislative activities and helping to coordinate the opportunities the broadband stimulus initiatives may present. I will also assume an exciting, new role with the Great Plains Network (GPN), where I will serve as Executive Director on a part-time basis. GPN is a consortium of mid-western universities, including the University of Missouri, that supports research collaboration, education and advanced networking.

The University has hired an executive search firm and will continue the search for a new Executive Director. In the interim, the MOREnet directors will assume full responsibility for the organization and day-to-day operations as the Interim Executive Management Committee. I will be working closely with the directors to ensure a smooth transition. The combined experience and strengths of the directors, including Chip Byers, Hank Niederhelm, Greg Silvey and Natasha Angell, will serve the organization and our membership well. During the transition, the committee, like me, will report directly to Dr. Gary Allen, Vice President for Information Technology for the University of Missouri System.

This is an exciting time for MOREnet. We are honored that member satisfaction levels continue to be high, and we are pleased with our ability to respond to member demand. We’ve accomplished many great things over the last year: collaboration with the state on the broadband stimulus concept and approach, which will continue; the 10 Gbps Next Generation Network is in place; new online resources are now available; an upgraded content filtering solution has been implemented and the list goes on. With your help, MOREnet will continue to research new and enhanced services that support your institution’s mission and goals and that strengthen the power and value of the entire consortium.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you as MOREnet Executive Director for nearly two decades. I appreciate the support you have shown MOREnet and me. Should you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me or a member of our Interim Executive Management Committee.


Bill Mitchell

MOREnet Interim Executive Management Committee

Natasha Angell
Director of Member Services and Interim Director of Programs
(573) 882-9025
Chip Byers
Director of New Initiatives
(573) 882-9787
Hank Niederhelm
Director of Infrastructure
(573) 884-6326
Greg Silvey
Director of Fiscal & Contractual Services
(573) 884-6476