MOREnet Announces Library Research Project Partner

Thursday, September 26, 2013

MOREnet is pleased to announce University City Public Library (UCPL) has been chosen to partner with MOREnet on a project for 21st Century library services. 
The University City Public Library’s winning proposal will develop a technology MakerSpace with a variety of equipment and software for use by all library patrons. UCPL’s physical and digital MakerSpace will include facilities, equipment and software for audio and video recording and editing, and equipment and software for 3D modeling, printing and fabrication, providing the tools and resources to enable limitless creativity.

The Library will work directly with MOREnet and will engage other community partners to provide learning opportunities related to this new equipment and software. In addition, the library will develop a digital repository for work generated by members of the community, including digital images, documents, audio files and videos, that will help preserve and explore the community’s collective past and document their present lives while imagining and designing a shared future.

It is UCPL’s desire to build on the creativity of their residents and existing partnerships with community groups to make this project successful. “We’re thrilled that the University City Public Library has been chosen to work with MOREnet on this exciting project,” states Patrick Wall, Library Director. “We really think this is going to have a huge impact on the lives of our library users and people who will come to the library to try our new software and equipment.”

MOREnet and UCPL’s shared goal during the three-year project is to remove technological barriers from people’s lives and work towards identifying and creating a set of tools and services that more Missouri libraries can use in coming years. “We are pleased with what this partnership means to Missouri libraries,” states John Gillispie, Executive Director of MOREnet. “We look forward to working closely with University City Public Library and believe the outcome will benefit all Missouri libraries as they advance the knowledge of how to use emerging and state of the art technologies in their communities.”

Congratulations to University City Public Library and thank you to every member that submitted a proposal. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. To stay up-to-date on this exciting project visit For questions regarding this announcement or the Library Research Project please contact