MOREnet Announces Learning Management System (LMS) Hosting Service

Thursday, July 14, 2011

MOREnet’s Learning Management System (LMS) Hosting service will provide organizations a maintained and secured LMS instance to use as part of their Digital Learning Environment.

MOREnet uses Moodle as the application platform to deliver the LMS instance. Your organization can control its online courses and content without the complexity and expense of managing and maintaining the server, operating system or application. Local management of content and access is controlled by your organization.
MOREnet will manage the administrative side of your LMS instance by installing updates, modules and enhancements, freeing up your technical staff’s time and allowing you to quickly get started on this powerful teaching and collaboration tool!
Use LMS Hosting to:

  • Complement traditional classroom instruction
  • Implement a hybrid classroom with online teaching tools
  • Deploy a full online learning environment

Organizations can benefit from deploying LMS Hosting as part of their collaboration and professional development efforts: 

  • Implement and execute self-directed professional development
  • Share ideas and collaborate on projects with peer-to-peer interactions
  • Collaborate on materials and learn from others with teacher-to-teacher exchanges

Leave the administrative hassles to MOREnet and concentrate on what is important: the content and collaboration. MOREnet will be there to offer you support with your admin tools and will also offer training assistance to get you started with the basics of setting up your LMS site.
To learn more about MOREnet’s LMS Hosting service or to begin the order process, visit, e-mail or call (800) 509-6673.