MOREnet Announces New Video Services and Features

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In recent years, many MOREnet members have embraced and implemented videoconferencing technology in their organization. Today, more members than ever are relying on this technology to share resources, reach users and reduce travel costs. Last year alone, MOREnet supported nearly 20,000 videoconference events and the growth trend continues.

Because MOREnet continuously works to improve the services that increase member productivity while minimizing the disruption of any processes and operations, we are excited to announce major enhancements to our videoconferencing services.

As part of a scheduled technology refresh, MOREnet Video Services is currently deploying new videoconference scheduling software and will soon deploy new videoconferencing hardware. These combined enhancements will improve the overall quality of both the scheduling and delivery experience for all members. MOREnet will deploy the Polycom RMX-4000 conference platform as the primary bridging engine to power our members’ videoconferencing requirements. The RMX introduces a host of features, including improved video quality (with no additional bandwidth requirements) and high-definition conferencing options. Some of the new features and enhanced services* we’re working to provide include:

  • Self-scheduling and conference monitoring options from most web browsers, including access for Macs and iPhones.
  • Enhanced desktop videoconferencing. Don’t own video conferencing equipment? Don't worry, members will have the option to participate in videoconferences directly from their desktop computers.
  • On-the-fly conference/lecture recording and play back opportunities.
  • Bulletin board features providing members with the ability to promote videoconferences and allow interested parties to sign up.
  • Additional capacity to support several hundred videoconference end points and essentially unlimited streaming connections. Enhanced firewall traversal options.

*Note that some enhanced services may require user training or an additional fee.

What's more, even though you will have access to the latest feature sets, you don't have to change the way you currently conduct videoconferences. Your existing video equipment will be supported in our new video environment.

Please contact Video Services at (877) 896-9168 with any questions regarding this announcement.