MOREnet Contacts

Registered Contacts

Organizations have the opportunity to select staff members as designated MOREnet contacts. MOREnet contacts provide their organizations with points of contact on a variety of issues involved with MOREnet and their organizations. As of July 1, 2004, outside consultants are eligible to hold MOREnet contact positions.

MOREnet recommends that organizations take advantage of these positions by having them filled by different staff members. This practice allows members to take full advantage of the services and support available through MOREnet.

It is important that organizations keep MOREnet up-to-date on contact changes. Failure to keep MOREnet contacts' information up-to-date may result in delays in receiving technical support or failure to receive important program information. As contacts change in your organization, please notify MOREnet.

To find registered MOREnet contacts for your organization, use the searchable database, Find My Contact.

MyMOREnet is a Web-based service provided by MOREnet to allow members to access organization-specific information. User administrators at each organization decide who has access to what information. Users can manage their user account information within MyMOREnet.

User information within MyMOREnet is separate from the official MOREnet contact database, so changes made in one database do not affect the other. MyMOREnet users and user administrators are not displayed in the Find My Contact utility. It is important that MyMOREnet users and user administrators periodically review the account information within MyMOREnet.

To obtain a MyMOREnet account, you must first register for an account. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with information on the user administrator who can approve your request. If the MyMOREnet user administrator for your organization is no longer with the organization, please contact MOREnet at or call (800) 509-6673.