MOREnet Employee Offered Google Glass to Explore Technology in Educational Environment

Friday, August 9, 2013

MOREnet is excited to announce that our very own David Drum, Research Manager at MOREnet, has become a Google Glass Explorer. David was one of 10,000 in the nation to receive an invitation out of a rumored 200,000 applicants

Google Glass is a wearable computer resembling an eyeglass frame. It has a camera and display tucked into the temple and a tiny track pad and bone conducting speaker in the earpiece. You operate it with finger swipes, head movements and voice commands or even winks. With Google Glass you can take photos and video, perform Google searches, send and receive text messages, get driving, biking or walking directions and share with social media sites. The wearer’s first-hand experiences can be shared with a larger group. Glass app developers are beginning to bring additional functionality to the device.

David’s reasons were two-fold when wanting to be part of this first phase of explorers. Personally, David has been intrigued with wearable computing devices for some time. Professionally, David is excited to share this adventure with MOREnet members and discover, together, how a tool like Google Glass can be used in schools and libraries. Imagine virtual field trips where the class sees and hears the focus of the trip from the perspective of a subject matter expert along with reference diagrams or instructions available to the students in hands-free laboratory settings.

“As project-based learning and 1:1 initiatives become more widespread, having a computer is essential to learning,” states David. “As I share this new technology with members, it is my hope to discover how they might use technology like this to enhance learning.”

David plans to demonstrate Google Glass at MOREnet’s Annual Conference, Oct. 14-17, at Tan-Tar-A in Osage Beach, Missouri. It is David’s goal to share his experiences with members that may not otherwise have access to this technology.

MOREnet’s Annual Conference is designed for anyone wanting to explore the latest technology resources, innovations and ideas to improve teaching and learning with technology. For more information about this education and technology conference visit

David also plans to use Google Glass to document and update members in regards to the upcoming Library Research Project partnership that will be announced in September, as well as MOREnet’s new K12 Research Project partnerships. MOREnet recently solicited proposals and selected Fulton 58 and Grandview R-II to partner with on projects to help improve student performance through the adoption of technology-enabled, student-centered learning.

One of the first activities to occur as part of the research project was a site visit to the Fab Lab at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) by staff from MOREnet and Fulton 58. Using Glass, David was able to conduct a Google Hangout with staff back in Missouri so they could participate virtually. “I was also able to capture pictures and video while conversing with the IMSA students about their Fab Lab experiences without a camera being a distraction. They were excited about Glass and several of them tried it out. The students really ‘get’ it,” states David.

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