MOREnet to Field Text Paxfire Look-up Service

Friday, September 4, 2009

MOREnet will be participating in a field test of the Paxfire Look-up Service, Our goal in participating is to learn more about this no-cost solution and the enhanced user experience it provides, its compatibility with other network services and the potential revenue source it might provide for MOREnet.

For two weeks beginning on Monday, Sept. 14, MOREnet will deploy the Paxfire appliance in front of the Columbia DNS server. Members utilizing this server will encounter the Paxfire solution when a user mistypes or enters an invalid URL. Once entered, Paxfire provides a redirect page with suggested valid URLs. Users may select from these URLs or may re-key the correct URL. Our preliminary lab testing indicates that this appliance does not negatively impact DNS queries or other network services.

Upon completion of the test period, the device will be disabled, and MOREnet will evaluate the results. We invite feedback from members who had the opportunity to participate in the field test with the Columbia DNS server. Send your comments to, Attn: Paxfire test. Should the test results indicate there is significant interest in implementing a full-production look-up service on the MOREnet network, approval from the MOREnet Council would be required.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and your assistance in this research opportunity.