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MOREnet FY11 State Funding Cut

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On June 17, Gov. Nixon announced a withholding on MOREnet’s FY11 appropriation, a state funding cut of $6.8 million. MOREnet staff will meet with the MOREnet Council tomorrow to begin discussing the best way forward.

We encourage you to express your concerns regarding this funding cut with your local legislators and your statewide elected officials. To find your legislators or elected officials, visit Legislators or Statewide Elected Officials.

MOREnet prides itself on the support and services we deliver. We encourage you to review all these valuable services and consider what it would cost to replace them. We have created a value assessment worksheet to assist you in this effort (Value Assessment), and we would appreciate your sharing your completed value assessment with us.

Though this clearly represents a significant challenge to the consortium, we believe that by working together we can preserve as much value as possible for all members. As always, please contact your Program Manager or me with any questions. Thank you for your continued support.

More information on today’s state funding cut announcement

Video Statement from John Gillispie

MOREnet Official Press Release

Contact information

John Gillispie
Executive Director
(573) 884-2666
Nancy Piringer
MERC and Affiliates Program Manager
(573) 884-5094
Eric Nicklas
K-12 Program Manager
(573) 882-9785
Jeanne Sullivan
REAL Program Manager
(573) 884-7646

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