Membership Options

K-12 Public and Private Schools

MOREnet is pleased to serve both public and private K-12 schools through our membership service packages, Internet connectivity and for-fee services. We currently serve 94% of Missouri’s public school districts and our private K-12 school membership is growing..

For questions regarding the services available to Missouri's K-12 schools, please contact one of MOREnet's K-12 Member Service Advisors:

Eric Nicklas
(573) 882-9785

Greg Kespohl
(573) 884-9304

Greg Wheeling
(573) 882-1571

Gloria Stephenson
(573) 882-7238

Higher Education

Ninety percent of Missouri's public and independent higher education institutions receive Internet access through MOREnet as participants in the Missouri Education and Research Consortium (MERC). MERC strives to advance the collaborative use of networked technology and applications in higher education, research and public service. Students, faculty, administration and staff depend on MOREnet's stable and robust network to do their jobs, conduct research, conduct or take online classes, study and use e-mail.

For more information, contact Nancy Piringer at or  (573) 884-7200 .

MOREnet Affiliates

The MOREnet Affiliates Program provides Internet connectivity and services to a diverse set of organizations, from Missouri state government to the smallest non-profit organizations. University of Missouri Health Care and community information networks participate in the Affiliates Program. Non-profit private schools, non-profit education organizations (such as the Missouri School Boards Association) and for-profit organizations that are recognized as higher education institutions by the Missouri Department of Higher Education can also receive MOREnet services through the Affiliate Program.

For more information, contact Nancy Piringer at or  (573) 884-7200 .

Cities and Counties

MOREnet can provide or assist municipalities and counties with any level of affordable technology support from a simple Website to cloud computing. The service offerings below are designed to support the specific technology demands of cities and counties.

For more information, contact Nancy Piringer at or  (573) 884-7200 .

Public Libraries

Whether they reside in a large metropolitan area or a small, rural agricultural community, all Missouri citizens have MOREnet Internet access through the Remote Electronic Access for Libraries (REAL) Program. REAL provides Missourians the opportunity to use the Internet for research, formal and continuing education, business and recreation at their local public libraries.

REAL is sponsored by the State Library, an agency of Missouri's Secretary of State, which also funds the shared online reference resources available to all MOREnet customers.

For more information, contact Jeanne Sullivan at or  (573) 884-7200 .