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MOREnet Provides Multiple Channels for News and Announces Buzz Central

Friday, June 25, 2010

MOREnet is committed to providing our members accurate and reliable news regarding the consortium and its value-added services. There are several avenues where you can connect to information regarding MOREnet. We would like to share those avenues with you so you can stay connected to the latest news.

NEW: Buzz Central MOREnet's new blog, unveiled today, will be the avenue where we will address rumors that we may have heard around the organization, on a discussion list or in our regular daily communication with members. Buzz Central will answer your questions and concerns regarding the MOREnet consortium.

Member Announcements – MOREnet sends all broadcast announcements to all official MOREnet contacts via their e-mail addresses. To find the contacts receiving e-mail announcements for your organization, use Find My Contact. MOREnet may also send topic-specific announcements to an individual member contact group when the message is only relevant to that particular group.

Member News – Broadcast member announcements sent to all contacts are also posted to Member News. Non-contacts may subscribe to the news RSS feed by clicking the RSS icon on the bottom of the news archive page.

Discussion Lists – MOREnet discussion lists provide an e-mail message forum where members with similar interests may leave messages for an entire group, just by posting to one list e-mail address. To receive the messages, members simply subscribe to the list. See a list of available discussion lists. MOREnet posts information to the discussion lists to share pertinent information or to clarify membership-related information. We will periodically post member announcements to our discussion lists but do not do this often to avoid duplication for registered contacts.

Twitter – MOREnet has four Twitter accounts to promote conferences and network security. You can follow any or all of these accounts by visiting:

 Follow the MOREnet Instructional Technology Conference on Twitter.
 Follow MOREnet Security on Twitter.
 Follow the HELIX conference on Twitter.
 Follow the Connections conference on Twitter.

Facebook - MOREnet has one Facebook fan page to promote upcoming activities, news regarding the organization and members within the organization. Become a fan.