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MOREnet Ready to Assist Members Affected by Missouri River Flooding

Friday, June 17, 2011

As the flood waters from the Missouri River are approaching, MOREnet wants to make sure all members potentially affected by flooding are aware of the services available to help keep data and communications available during this time.
We'd like to help organizations currently at risk of being flooded prepare by offering the following services and support at no cost.

Our new Network Backup service is ready to backup your data to secure, off-site locations. MOREnet will make installation and support free for any site preparing for flooding. Organizations will have to pay for the storage fees associated with the service, but all set up and support fees will be waived for 90 days while recovery efforts are underway.
Our SecondWeb service will also be made available for free for 90 days. This is a static website to which we will redirect your patrons at your discretion in case your primary website is offline. Content on the SecondWeb site must be created in advance. MOREnet also has the capability of redirecting your primary URL to an emergency notification page on a moment's notice.
Our Network Storage service can be used to temporarily copy important, static files to offsite storage at no cost. Files are not encrypted and data is only protected by RAID arrays, not by backups. If you need a full-blown backup service, we advise using the Network Backup service highlighted above.
If your data center is in danger of inundation, the Colocation service can house your servers in a secure, environmentally hardened facility in Columbia. Colocation services will be made available for free to any at-risk site during the 90-day timeframe.
Our Virtual Server service is not in production, and we are unable to help with Microsoft-based servers, but if you have a Linux-based server, please contact us for options that we have to keep those virtual servers operational.
If there is a possibility that your site might be used for emergency sheltering, please let us know. We may be able to help with temporary increases in bandwidth or other technology services including wireless network deployment. We hate to see any member have to deal with the issues that these natural disasters might deal out, but rest assured we will be here to help you prepare and recover from whatever might come your way.
For activation of any of these services or for general questions, please contact MOREnet Technical Support at or (800) 509-6673 and ask for the flood assistance tech team.