MOREnet Response to FY10 Withhold

Friday, November 13, 2009

In late October, MOREnet received notice of a 25 percent temporary withhold on its FY10 state appropriation, a reduction of $3.06 million. To address this significant reduction and contain costs for the remainder of FY10, MOREnet will suspend services in the following areas:

  • For the remainder of FY10, MOREnet will temporarily suspend network tail circuit bandwidth upgrades that increase direct costs to the participation program or the shared network. A limited number of upgrades that are currently in-process are being reviewed individually. These members will be contacted directly regarding the status of their pending upgrades due to the funding reduction.
  • MOREnet is temporarily suspending regional training classes for the remainder of FY10. Training events held at MOREnet's facility in Columbia, online or at individual member locations, where members are responsible for all travel-related costs, will continue to be offered.

To further reduce costs for the remainder of FY10, MOREnet has eliminated vacant staff positions from several service areas and has deferred or eliminated the replacement of network equipment.
MOREnet appreciates the current economic climate and the financial challenges facing our state. While a withholding in the current year was anticipated, the magnitude of this reduction has required MOREnet and the MOREnet Council to make some very tough decisions in an effort to contain costs.
In our most recent member satisfaction survey, 93 percent of respondents indicated they were very satisfied with MOREnet and the value we offer your organizations. Please know that we are committed to maintaining your satisfaction and providing quality services.
As we head into the FY11 legislative session, MOREnet asks for your support to share the value MOREnet provides your organization. Your active support can help us ensure that our state funding is maintained at a level that will allow us to continue to serve you with the essential services you have come to depend on as you fulfill your missions.
Thank you for your continued participation and support of MOREnet.
For questions regarding this announcement, please contact your Program Manager or a member of the MOREnet Executive Committee.

Natasha Angell
Director of Member Services and
Interim Director of Programs
(573) 882-9025
Chip Byers
Director of New Initiatives
(573) 882-9787
Hank Niederhelm
Director of Infrastructure
(573) 884-6326
Greg Silvey
Director of Fiscal and Contractual Services
(573) 884-6476