MOREnet to Upgrade Optical Equipment to Support 100Gbps Capacity

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In order to ensure the MOREnet backbone network is capable of continuing to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of the membership, we will soon begin the process of replacing and upgrading our optical networking equipment.

The new equipment will support 100Gbps capacity today and is projected to support capacities up to 1Tbps in the future. With this upgrade, MOREnet will become one of the few research and education networks in the country to support 100Gbps capacity; ensuring our members have the networking capacity to successfully advance their essential missions.
The initial steps of the project will begin in early April, with completion targeted for July 2013. All service-impacting work will be performed during maintenance windows from midnight to 6 a.m. to minimize impact to our members. Throughout the project, we will be sending maintenance notifications via our mostatus notification list and our MOREnet Network Twitter account, follow us @MOREnetNetwork.
While this equipment replacement and upgrade will benefit all connected MOREnet members, we are also pleased to be able to support the University of Missouri’s recent NSF-funded Campus Cyberinfrastructure-Network Infrastructure and Engineering (CC-NIE) grant. This $1M grant will fund the build out of a 100Gbps circuit from Columbia to Kansas City and another 100Gbps circuit from Columbia to St. Louis. Both circuits will connect to Internet2’s National Innovation Platform backbone network. The grant will support research in the area of “big data” using high capacity networks where the computing resources are in one data center and the data store is located in another data center.  More information on the Internet2 Innovation Platform can be found at
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