Columbia, MO Armory

Nov. 13, 2007

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

Council Member Attendees: Bert Schulte, Chair, Gary Allen, Cheryl Bielema, Annie Busch, Margaret Conroy, Jeanie Gordon, Rita Gulstad, Karen Hicklin, Debbie Hughes, Jeremy Kintzel for Robert Stein, Bill Mitchell and Dan Ross.

Alternates Present: Dave Byland, Glenda Hunt, Barbara Reading, Tom Stokes and Jim Tom.

Staff Present: Bill Giddings, MOREnet, Joyce Herzing, MOREnet, Sherry Loyd, MOREnet, Greg Silvey, MOREnet, Jeanne Sullivan, MOREnet

Public Present: Jim Tice and Bill Elder, OSEDA

Chair Bert Schulte called the MOREnet Council meeting to order. Those who were in attendance are listed above.


Minutes of the August 30, 2007 MOREnet Council Meeting – Approval

Chair Schulte asked for amendments to the meeting minutes. Glenda Hunt requested that wording be changed under her report. Rita Gulstad moved to approve the August 30, 2007 minutes as amended. Cheryl Bielema seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.




FY09 Appropriations – Discussion

CBHE - HB3 requests

Jeremy Kintzel reported that DHE anticipates that an increase will be a priority for the Governor this year. It is expected that the increase might be divided over 3 years. Specifics are not known at this time. DHE has some grant funded FTE that are expiring and are hopeful that the State will take over funding those positions, freeing up DHE monies to hire additional staff. He understands that there may be one-time money left from last year that will be on the table this year.

Bill Mitchell added that CBHE passed on MOREnet’s two requests that were passed by the Council. He also shared that there is an increase in for both TeleHealth and MOBIUS.

Dan Ross reported that he hasn’t heard any bad news regarding requests; however, there is a caveat that any request asking for additional FTE will be very closely scrutinized.

State Library - HB12 requests

Margaret Conroy reported that the State Library did not request an increase for HB12 REAL. The State Library support will be behind a general increase for MOREnet.

MOREnet Strategies

Mitchell then reported that he had met with OA staff, SOS staff and Ed Robb, Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee. He has an upcoming meeting with Adam Gresham, Sr. Policy Advisor to the Governor on November 29th. Ross volunteered to join the meeting and Mitchell accepted.

Karen Hicklin asked if MOREnet should have a day like MLA Day, etc. Mitchell replied that MOREnet does participate in the Showme Techknowledge Day.

Mitchell and Joyce Herzing distributed two handouts (What is MOREnet and State Initiatives Impacting MOREnet Bandwidth Demand) and asked for feedback on presentation style and on where initiatives are placed on the state initiatives document. Some discussions followed with Mitchell requesting that additional thoughts be sent to MOREnet.

Mitchell reminded the Council that MOREnet can produce legislative reports by district, and that this resource is available to all members.

Member Policies and Acceptable Use Modifications – Discussion

Dave Byland shared that MOREnet’s current AUP says no commercial use; however, MOREnet is finding that there should be some exceptions. MOREnet should have a policy that better fits today’s environment and retains the flexibility to address future demands. UM legal believes MOREnet is moving in the right direction. Once UM legal agree on a draft document, meetings will be scheduled with DESE, DHE, MERC and MOSL. It will then come before the Council for approval.

Byland reviewed the six root causes of current AUP and policy problems to be addressed and gave several examples. There was some discussion around notification of changes, clearly stating that this new document would be replacing the current MOU and who would be signing the participation agreements.

Kintzel asked if the AUP would be relevant to UMSL’s incubator. Byland added that MOREnet will provide a definition for incubator arrangement so that a decision can be expedited.

Mitchell added that after final drafts are complete, MOREnet will meet with members to see that the new document fits their needs, then it will be approved by the Council, followed by Gary Allen, UM Administration and UM legal. Once approved, a request outside the guidelines will have to involve some of those listed above.

Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA) Online Resources Usage Report

Bill Elder reviewed the report provided in the meeting packet. OSEDA conducted the study to better understand the barriers among some libraries regarding the use of online resources. The first phase of the study was to identify utilization patterns, the second phase involved site visits and a focus group to identify barriers to utilization and the third phase involved a survey to measure the distribution of the barriers identified. Since demand for online resources is seasonal, search statistics were aggregated for the months of February, March and April over the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. These are the months where institutions were most likely to be experiencing full demand. He reported that a better encyclopedia is wanted, as well as the Gale Business and Company Resource Center. It was suggested that MOREnet provide a packet of professionally developed, rural sensitive, information to help them promote the service. Rural libraries would like to be involved in the packet’s creation.

Discussion ensued around MOREnet creating a website so citizens can sign up for remote access to online resources and the fact that each library would prefer their own patrons sign up through them. Conroy said that if access is available through MOREnet, Libraries lose incentive to join the REAL program. Elder added that a small percentage of libraries don’t even have a website. The question was then raised as to if IP addresses could be used to contact them and direct them back to the appropriate library website. It was suggested that this might be an interesting opportunity for a pilot project. Barbara Reading added that the REAL EZ Web, a website in a box with support from MOREnet, was a successful project for 10-15 libraries this past summer and that MOSL plans to do it again next summer. This will assist in getting more libraries a website.

Hicklin questioned specific databases being used. Small and rural libraries don’t have a lot of uses for some of them, maybe there could be alternate databases made available for those libraries. Elder replied that whether a database was used or not was not part of the study.

Chair Schulte thanked everyone for the discussion and shared that it connects a lot of things together; rural initiatives, commercial use/ rural access, etc. It shows how MOREnet has a purpose that is bigger than it was in the beginning.

NGN I Update – Information

Mitchell reported that MOREnet is continuing to review the fiber contracts for all but the I-70 corridor. A snag in negotiations is threatening to delay the I-70 fiber implementation, but at present MOREnet feels the snag will be resolved soon. Evaluation of the optronics equipment is in the best and final offer stage with the next step being the negotiations process. If delays are unavoidable, implementation will likely be moved from September 1, 2008 to end of December 2008.

NGN II Update – Information

Mitchell reminded everyone that phase II is to determine how to get the local loop to the members. MOREnet can’t provide it for them but is trying to identify how communities can develop fiber that MOREnet can then connect to. The intent is not to save a lot of money, but to flatten cost increases and dramatically increase bandwidth. MOREnet plans to discuss with Ross to see if there is the ability to work with the State.

Governor’s Rural Broadband Initiative – Discussion

Mitchell reported that an announcement of task force members has been made with the first meeting scheduled for November 27th. There has been mention of the ConnectKentucky initiative as a model to push high-speed access to rural areas. The task force report is due by February 1, 2008. Bielema expressed her hope that the University extension service would be included in the task force, if at all possible. Ross agreed to pass that on.

Kauffman Foundation Planning Grant Update – Information

Bill Giddings reported that there has been an information meeting and an exposition to show possible projects for districts in the Kansas City Metro Area. The full grant proposal is due to the Kauffman Foundation by mid-December and is large enough to go before the Kauffman Board. MOREnet should have an answer in the May-June time period. On October 30th, Mitchell, Terry Stewart (consultant) and Randy Stout (Kan-ed) met with Dennis Cheek, Vice President of Education, where they were challenged to look for common themes in the 16 proposals received and then take those most common themes back to the school districts to see if there is still interest. The three common themes found are: virtual field trips, virtual mentoring, and remote instrumentation. Staff members are currently making site visits to school districts to assess the technology available and working with grant writers on the proposal.

Good News – Information

Giddings gave the following good news updates:

A promotional calendar made with REAL funds to promote online resources was shared and he encouraged everyone to take copies after the meeting.

Brunswick Public Library has been approved to join the REAL program.

When Gilliam C-4 switched to MOREnet’s ICF service for filtering, the district went from paying $900 per year to $80 per year for that service.

Roundtrips assisted MoVIP on October 23rd in filming their 4th grade field trip to the State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion. The resulting video will be hosted on MOREnet’s server for public access.

MOREnet hosted Internet Safety Night on October 23rd to raise awareness of online dangers and crimes and provided resources for keeping families safe online. More than 1,500 people at 79 sites in 9 states tuned in to learn about the latest trends in law enforcement and the resources available for staying safe online. The entire program is available via video streaming at http:/ for the next several months. The next event will be April 23, 2008.

MOREnet has submitted a grant application to the Kauffman Foundation to support connectivity to the Hale Arena for the FIRST Robotics Regional Competition.

Mexico Military Academy contacted MOREnet to receive access to the online resources. MOREnet is not the cheapest way for them to get that service so staff pointed them to their public library and within a few weeks the students had access and library cards.

The MITC Fall conference was up 100 attendees this year.

Learning Express was promoted and wildly accepted at the Missouri Community College Association meeting in early November. First reactions were for their family and friends but MOREnet hopes to get them thinking about use for their students.

During multiple site visits to K-8 districts, MOREnet staff learned that there is a wide variety of programs used to track student information data; from very expensive to paper-based. MOREnet will be organizing a meeting of K-8 districts in north central Missouri to promote sharing between the districts.

MOREnet got notice at the last minute that the keynote speaker for the November 1st MERC IR Meeting had been hospitalized. Nancy Piringer, MERC program manager, quickly secured Torri Spiegelhalter, ATT’s Director of Homeland Security and arranged a conference call with Virginia Tech about their crisis planning and emergency communications during their recent disaster.

There were two videoconferencing events from the RiverBluff Cave on November 7th. A session in the morning for grades 3-7 and one in the afternoon for high schoolers. The morning session involved David Harrison, author, Cave Detectives. The event involved three states, including Missouri. There were 114 total connections for the morning session and 41 connections for the afternoon session, with approximately 3,000 students involved. Since the event MOREnet has received 75 questions submitted via email. Annie Busch reminded everyone that without MOREnet (especially Giddings) and Ozark Tech this endeavor would not be happening.

MOREnet FY07 Annual Report – Information

The report was provided in the meeting packet. Council members commented that it was a very thorough and good report.

Member Reports

The meeting was the last for Annie Busch, Cheryl Bielema and Jeanie Gordon as their terms on the Council expire December 2007. Plaques were distributed to them by their respective program Council member. They will all be greatly missed.

The meeting was also Chair Schulte’s last as Chair. Conroy will convene the next meeting.

Other Business

Meeting Schedule (all meetings will be in 315 GOB)

  • February 19, 2008
    • FY08 Budget Update
    • Governor’s Budget Recommendations
    • FY09 Preliminary Budget
    • MOREnet CY08 Operating Plan
    • Council CY08 Goal Update
  • April 15, 2008
  • July 29, 2008
  • September 23, 2008
  • December 9, 2008

Open Time for the Public to Address the Council


Adjourned at 1:08 p.m.

Respectively Submitted by Sherry Loyd