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Oct. 17, 2008

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

Members present: Margaret Conroy, Chair, Gary Allen, Russell Brock, Karen Hicklin, Debbie Hughes, Glenda Hunt, Craig Klimczak, Bill Mitchell, Dan Ross

Alternates present: Russell Helm, Jeremy Kintzel, Barbara Reading, Tom Stokes, Deb Sutton

Staff present: Sherry Loyd, Greg Silvey, Debbie Rodman

Agency staff present: Tim Gallimore, Assistant Commissioner of Academic Affairs, Jean Morrison, State Library

Chair Margaret Conroy called the MOREnet Council meeting to order. Those who were in attendance are listed above.


Minutes of the July 29, 2008 MOREnet Council Conference Call Meeting – Approval

Chair Conroy asked for amendments to the meeting minutes. Craig Klimczak moved to approve the July 29, 2008 minutes as distributed. Karen Hicklin seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.




MOREnet Organizational Changes

Bill Mitchell reported that an investigation is ongoing regarding filling the Program Director position. This and the departure of the Administration Director, has opened up on opportunity for an organizational review. Greg Silvey will now be the administrative contact for the MOREnet Council. There are also several other vacancies not directly affecting technical service areas. Due to the economy, caution is being taken with regards to what positions will be filled.

Final FY08 Financials

Rodman reviewed the FY08 year-end actuals compared to the FY08 approved budget. Some changes had been reviewed at the February 2008 meeting when mid-year budget reprojections were presented, but Rodman shared a summary of all changes during the year.

The actual FY08 year-end revenues are more than original budget by $6,568,000, while expenses are less than original budget by ($1,200,000), for a net increase in revenues over expenditures of $7,768,000.

She reported that the biggest change is how E-rate revenues will be accrued in the future. Beginning in FY08, based on direction from the University of Missouri’s Controller’s Office, the methodology was changed to match revenue reimbursement to the year of the eligible expense. This change will accurately reflect the expectation of future cash flows and the actual relationship/timing of actual events. The actuals matrix shared shows two years of revenue because of this change in methodology.

The Plant Fund balance increased by $858,000 due to transfers from Affiliates, Other Fees and Restricted, and Pass-Thru account positive balances.

Ending balances in excess of the FY08 FER increased by $7,654,000 over the approved FY08 budget to end at total reserves (after FER) of $13,070,000.

Klimczak moved to approve the amount of the actual transfers of Shared Network, Affiliate and For-Fee ending FY08 fund balances to the Plant Fund totaling $858,000. Russell Helm seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Long-Term Strategy Statements Work Group Update

Klimczak reported that some draft materials were shared among the taskforce and that the taskforce determined that a representative for K-12 and Mitchell’s involvement would be helpful. Russ Brock and Mitchell agreed to join the taskforce. Klimczak thanked Jeremy Kintzel and Hicklin for their help to date. Klimczak stressed how important it is for those who MOREnet supports help advocate on MOREnet’s behalf. Kintzel thanked Klimczak for his time and communications thus far.

NGN Updates

Phase I

Mitchell reported that there are some delays due to construction and weather with lighting the fiber. A general announcement was posted earlier this week on the MOREnet website showing a view of the project and a map with segments to be lit. The production date has slipped to January to be operational with MOREnet traffic flowing. The UM four campuses are scheduled to be cut over at the end of March to their 10gig. A third circuit for Rural Healthcare is planned for the end of May. At this time the setbacks are being handled, but could cause problems in the future.

Phase II

Mitchell shared that most of the expense in the network is in the local loops, in which demand growth is 50%. The strategy is to change the architectural design and look to start secondary backbones connecting communities together locally (local aggregation) that can be brought back to the MOREnet network. Two bids are currently in process; one for a northern loop and another to go out soon covering the southern, mid and western part of the state; adding potentially 300 additional sites. The second bid has an aggressive time schedule to hit the FY09-10 E-rate window. If the window is missed alternatives will need to be discussed.

Member Reports

Chair Conroy thanked MOREnet staff for their help in getting MOVIP students access to the Missouri State Library databases. Barbara Reading and Jean Morrison have been looking at alternatives for offering databases to Missourians. The State Library will share their findings with the Council at a future date.

Kintzel introduced Dr. Tim Gallimore as the new Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs. Gallimore added that he is looking forward to joining the conversations of the Council.

Sutton reported that DESE is still in the process of automating where possible. There is a new student reporting system to collect data at the student level, however, there are currently some technical issues.

Klimczak shared that St. Louis Community College is making a change by overhauling their distance learning and asynchronous distance learning environment. A year ago, the academic leadership voted to end ITV classes and has adopted a strategy of desktop delivery. This change impacts MOREnet as the college will be using Elluminate to provide ITV to the desktop, which will increase the demand on the network.

Dan Ross reported that with the upcoming elections, OA is currently working on the transition issues that come with a new team coming into office. Also working with the census and redistricting that goes with it, which is a major effort and very important. OA recently partnered with Springnet in the Springfield area to provide a disaster recovery site for the state. Should be using by the end of December. They have had some success with Second Life as they’ve had a successful hire of an IT professional. This success has led to OA having discussions with the education community on how they might too use Second Life, or other virtual worlds, to do either training or education or conduct business. A few weeks ago there was a meeting in the state about Second Life and other Web2.0 technologies and there was a lot of interest. Since July, OA has had an email archiving solution for the state in place. This solution should improve the State’s ability to respond to sunshine requests.

Chair Conroy added that Reading attending the Second Life meeting as libraries have had a presence in Second Life for some time. She complimented Ross and the State on their efforts and for being on the leading edge in this area.

Other Business

Brock thanked Mitchell for his NGN updates and asked for some brief talking points to use with other superintendents to spread the word. Needs to be simple and explain the NGN Phase II approach and how it’ll impact the K-12 environments and what are the current challenges. Reading agreed that this would be helpful for libraries as well. Mitchell will work on putting something together and work with Brock to finalize.

Meeting Schedule

  • December 9, 2008
    • Discussion of MOREnet Council Goals
      • Chair Conroy going to try to draft some goals in advance of the next meeting so discussions can take place via email.

Open Time for the Public to Address the Council


Adjourned 10:24 a.m.

Respectively Submitted by Sherry Loyd