Columbia, MO Memorial Union

Organizational Chart Department Reference

Member Services / Programs
Natasha Angell, Director

Technical Support Services

  • Help desk support for connectivity, local area and wireless networks, MOREnet services, etc.
  • Network consulting, firewall and filtering support and network design assistance
  • Frontline triage and level-two support
  • Scheduled and on-demand training on technical topics and MOREnet services
  • Training classes available at MOREnet, online, member locations, member events and regional locations across the state
  • Third-party contracted training is available at reduced rates

Network Security Services

  • Incident response help desk support
  • Security awareness activities including daily news alerts and security contact discussion list
  • Monthly web seminars on related topics (best practices, phishing, logging, social networking, security tools, etc.)
  • Active participation with local, state, regional and national network security professionals and organizations
  • Two Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) on staff

Video Services

  • Help desk, consulting and bridging services for multi-point videoconferencing
  • One of the largest video networks in education; recognized by other state networks as a leader in videoconferencing for distance learning and meetings
  • Majority of events supported are for-credit (often dual credit) classes
  • Live video streaming services are available to provide educational content to the desktop for some or all members

Marketing and Member Relations

  • Marketing and communications for MOREnet products and services, including print and electronic materials
  • Maintain the public website and administer internal communication tools
  • Coordination of all MOREnet events including conferences, regional member meetings and MOREnet representation at member-hosted events
  • Contact information management for all MOREnet contacts
  • Liaison with sponsor contacts and executive-level member representatives
  • Facilitate member collaboration within and across member groups
  • Program reporting and coordination
  • Participate in outreach activities through regional member meetings and member-hosted conferences

Fiscal and Contractual Services

Responsible for all financial, contractual and federal reimbursement/grant program activities to support the delivery of MOREnet services (and other UM departments as required).

Contracts and Procurement (CAPS)

  • Facilitates the procurement of goods and services for MOREnet.

Budget and Fiscal

  • Responsible for all accounting, budget, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll

Human Resources

  • Responsible for supporting management and staff with recruitment, benefits, performance management, employee relations and staff development.


  • The Universal Service Fund’s E-rate program provides financial discounts for qualified telecommunications services to K-12 schools and public libraries. This position is responsible for providing needed vision, leadership and planning necessary to insure program compliance and continued participation by MOREnet and its members and is the state E-rate Coordinator for Missouri.

Hank Niederhelm, Director

Systems and Programming Group

Responsible for a wide array of resources providing services to MOREnet and its membership. Member-facing services include:

  • Multiple, redundant DNS (Domain Name Service) servers throughout the MOREnet network answering 10.6 billion queries annually
  • Filtered DNS servers as part of the free, opt-in Black Hole DNS service
  • E-mail servers as part of MOREnet's EVSF (E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering) service filtering 2.6 billion e-mails annually
  • E-mail hosting servers as part of MOREnet's kinetic service providing e-mail and webmail services to over 12,000 accounts
  • Web hosting servers as part of MOREnet's kinetic service serving a quarter-billion pages annually

And more planned in 2010 and beyond. S&P also supports services such as Internet Content Filtering, Videoconferencing and Streaming Video provided by other areas of MOREnet.

Member-facing and internal services are provided by a mix of physical and virtual servers running UNIX and Windows operating systems. Servers are secured, backed up and monitored according to best practices.

Internal Support

Staff support group under the branch of MOREnet’s Infrastructure group. Internal Support is responsible for maintaining the organization’s workstations, printers, local area network, switch administration and technical consulting building support and building alarm services. We also provide building service and support, alarm system monitoring and technical support for MOREnet and MOBIUS conferences.

Database Services Group

Database Services Group (DSG) exists to provide information systems solutions that support and enable MOREnet's mission. We design, build, deploy, manage, purchase and integrate predominately database-centric business information systems and services.

We are responsible for managing the:

  • Enterprise Oracle Database
  • Application servers which run all web-based software that we develop
  • Business information systems for reporting and analytics
  • Help desk systems
  • MyMOREnet system

Network Services

Responsible for providing a high-speed reliable network with access to the Internet and to Internet2 for all MOREnet members, ICN campuses and the Missouri Telehealth Network (MTN). We also provide network operations center (NOC) services for the Great Plains Network (GPN). Network Services is divided into three teams: Network Connections Services (NCS), Core and Optical.

Network Connections Services is responsible for ordering, cancelling, upgrading and renewing all circuits. They are also responsible for specifying, ordering and configuring edge equipment; activating tail circuits; troubleshooting tail circuits, which includes answering 24X7 pages for outages of members with SLAs; assigning member IP addresses and providing level three help desk support for network questions.

The Core Team is responsible for recommending, ordering and configuring core network equipment for all four networks; activating aggregation circuits; troubleshooting the backbone and aggregation circuits and equipment; monitoring the core network for all four networks, which includes answering 24X7 pages for outages; providing consultations and changes to DNS; performing maintenance on the core equipment of the four networks located in six sites around the state and providing network support for the UM TelePresence system.

The Optical Team is responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting the optical backbone for MOREnet, ICN and MTN, including answering outage pages 24X7; performing maintenance on optical equipment located in 28 sites around the state; pricing requests for new lambdas and providing monitoring tools and reports for all four networks.