Public Libraries (REAL)

On June 24, 2014 the Governor signed the FY15 budget with a list of withholds that include the full amount of the REAL appropriation which starts July 1, 2014. Since the full amount of the REAL appropriation has been withheld, at this time the State Library is not able to enter into an agreement with MOREnet to subsidize MOREnet and vendor fees for FY15 services. MOREnet is actively working with the State Library and individual libraries to address the withhold impact.

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Web Seminar - FY15 State Funding Restrictions Library Member Overview

FY15 REAL Service Options and Fees

Whether they reside in a large metropolitan area or a small, rural agricultural community, Missouri citizens with tax-supported library service are eligible for MOREnet Internet access through the Remote Electronic Access for Libraries (REAL) Program. REAL provides Missourians the opportunity to use the Internet for research, formal and continuing education, business and recreation at their local libraries.

REAL is sponsored by the State Library, an agency of Missouri's Secretary of State, which also funds the online resources available to all MOREnet members.

REAL Program Vision and Mission

New REAL Program Wireless Service!

REAL Program funding for this service is no longer available as a result of the FY15 budget withhold. Libraries may purchase this service individually.

With mobile devices becoming more and more popular, reliable and efficient wireless “hot spots” are becoming an increasingly important library service.  The Missouri State Library is supporting a new opportunity to improve wireless in public libraries as a part of the REAL Program. 

Wireless Assessment Survey Service

The State Library is offering an opportunity to REAL Program member libraries to receive a wireless assessment survey at no cost to the library. The MOREnet fee for this service is usually $600 plus travel expenses.

Libraries will receive the following services with a Wireless Assessment Survey:
  • A MOREnet technician will visit the library and conduct the survey, providing verbal feedback, and offering suggestions to help each member seek the optimal performance from their wireless network.
  • MOREnet technicians will also advise on equipment upgrades and improvements that may be needed.
  • Upon completion of the survey, a visual heat map will be provided to help determine trouble spots and correct placement of access points.
  • A written follow-up summary with findings and recommendations will be provided.

Please go to REAL Wireless Assessment Survey for additional information including the application.