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REAL Managed Wireless Pilot

MOREnet is exploring managed wireless as a possible service.  Managed wireless would allow MOREnet staff to manage the wireless access point on your behalf.  To better understand what is required to support Managed Wirelss MOREnet is offering a limited pilot opportunity to public library MOREnet Members. This service is funded by the REAL Program. 

The Application Window Closes April 19, 2013!

Libraries will receive the following services with the Managed Wireless Pilot:

  • MOREnet will provide Aerohive wireless access point(s).
    • Multiple access points may be provided to one building to ensure appropriate coverage.
  • MOREnet staff will manage the access point remotely on behalf of the library based on the needs and requirements of the library.
  • Each access point comes with 3 years of licensing for the Aerohive cloud based management software to allow management of the access point from anywhere there is an Internet connection. 

The access point and management software allows for the following capabilities:

  • Detailed reporting and statistics
  • Bandwidth Prioritization
  • Allocating Bandwidth limits to users
  • Enterprise level security
  • Wireless network scheduling
  • Dual band 802.11n support providing optimal device performance and compatibility

Disclaimer: MOREnet will make best efforts to provide the highest standard of quality for this service. However, we can not guarantee quality during the pilot program.

Duration of the Pilot

Implementation of the pilot is scheduled to begin June 2013.  Not all pilot participants will be announced in the beginning of the service.

The pilot is for one year.   At the end of the pilot, the access point and any remaining years of license for the cloud based management software will become the property of the library.

At the end of the year, the following possibilities could take place:

  • The service becomes a fee-based service and the library would pay for the service;
  • Continued REAL Program funding of the service;
  • It is determined that this would not be a viable service and is discontinued.

Selection Priorities

There are a limited number of access points for this pilot and so libraries will be selected based on the following priorities:

  • Main library buildings
  • Libraries not currently offering public access wireless
  • Libraries that do not have a full-time staff person dedicated to supporting technology in the library

All applications will be evaluated even if they do not meet any of the above Selection Priorities.

The library will be required to do the following to receive the service:

  • Submit the application within the application window.
  • Upon approval of the application, the library must authorize a quote in MyMOREnet to authorize permission to proceed with the service. The library will be notified via e-mail when the quote has been posted.
  • Respond to a follow-up survey requesting feedback on the managed wireless pilot.

REAL Managed Wireless Pilot Application

The Application Window Closes April 19, 2013!

Please contact Jeanne Sullivan at or (800) 509-6673 with any questions.