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Rebooting Polycom

Disconnect Polycom from MCU Before Rebooting

Customer sites have had periodic problems with codecs not dialing back in to MOREnet MCUs after they are rebooted to clear an audio or video problem. Codecs should be disconnected from the MCU before they are rebooted. Please use the following procedure to disconnect and reboot your codec.

Disconnecting a Call

On all Polycom systems:

  1. Press the green Call/Hang-Up button on the remote twice: once to hang up, and again to verify that you want to hang up.
  2. Reboot the unit.
  3. Dial back in to your conference.

Result of Reboot Without Disconnect

If a customer reboots the system without disconnecting the call, the Polycom codec does not send a disconnect code to the MCU. The MCU thinks that the codec is still connected, and the unit will not be able to dial back in to its conference. The customer must then call MOREnet to disconnect the unit on the MCU before it can reconnect to the conference.