Resources for E-books Project

Patron demand for e-books1 is both vocal and growing. Libraries' options for providing patron access to e-books has been limited to annual licensing agreements2 through vendors such as Overdrive3, EBSCO NetLibrary4, and Freading5. Libraries are at a significant disadvantage2 serving and assisting patrons. A new model has been developed that allows libraries to purchase rather than license e-books6. Douglas County Libraries7 spent 2010 and 2011 developing the technical infrastructure8 and forging agreements9 with independent publishers such as SmashWords10, Akashic11, Untreed12, Poisoned Pen13, and the Colorado Independent Publishers Association14.

MOREnet is committed to ensuring that members are able to make effective use of current and emerging technologies. Given the complexity of the ebook circulation technology15 developed by Douglas County Libraries, we are preparing to replicate it on behalf of member public libraries and education institution libraries. Additionally, MOREnet is seeking libraries willing to contribute to forging publisher relationships. MOREnet believes that this project is a high-interest, low-risk endeavor. If your organization agrees, is concerned about the economics of ebooks, and is seeking a better path forward, please join David Drum on May 29th at 2:00 p.m. to discuss this new initiative and its impact on you.

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