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Room Environment and Apparel

The Room

  • Check the physical layout of the room for audio echo, instructor convenience and appropriate backgrounds and colors.
  • Plan attendee seating for the conference with both communication within the classroom and through the camera in mind.
  • Have a telephone available in the room that can be used for off campus and long distance calls.
  • Be prepared to join the conference by speakerphone in case your equipment should be out of service.
Additional Resources

Apparel Guidelines

A simple rule of thumb is to avoid wearing anything that would distract viewers' attention from the message of the speaker.


The camera prefers solid colors.

  • Any solid color is fine with the exception of white or yellow, which tends to "wash out" the presenter.
  • Blue, black, pink, purple, orange, burgundy, etc. work nicely.
  • Very bright reds or oranges tend to "bleed" a little, so you may want to avoid these as well.

Try to avoid plaids, stripes and busy prints, since they are hard on the eyes of participants at the remote sites.


Avoid flashy, dangling jewelry. Simple jewelry tends to work best.