FIRST Robotics - robots

Scheduling Form Instructions

Originating sites only:

Complete the following information for your site and each receive site that will be participating in your event:

  1. Site:  Type the site name.
  2. Connection Type: Select the connection type you will be using.
    • For H.323 connections, type the IP address in the format ###.###.###.### in the IP Address for H.323 box.
    • For ISDN-DO connections, fill in the ISDN DO# box and complete the Billing Information form.
  3. Contact Name:  Type the name of the site contact (last name, first name).
  4. E-mail:  Type the site contact's e-mail address.
  5. Phone: Type the site contact's telephone number.

Please tell us in the Comments box:

    • If you will need a specific video source or lecture layout
    • If you will be using a dual-stream application
    • Other information you want to communicate to MOREnet Video Services about your event