Scheduling a Videoconference

Scheduling Options

Renovo - MOREnet's Scheduling Application is a great way to schedule videoconferences easily and frequently. Empower your staff to schedule and make changes to your videoconference schedule with a click of a button. To learn more contact

Videoconference Scheduling Form - Use this form if you are scheduling a videoconference only once or twice a semester.

Downloadable Spreadsheet (email to - The same as the videoconference scheduling form in a convenient downloadable spreadsheet.

Guidelines for All Scheduled Events

  • Before scheduling any video event, please read MOREnet Videoconferencing Conditions of Use. By submitting an event request, you agree to these conditions of use.
  • Originating sites are responsible for resolving conflicts within their scheduled events before submitting the Videoconference Scheduling Form.
  • Before scheduling an event, originating sites must contact all receive sites to verify that video rooms will be available for the event being scheduled and to obtain receive-site information requested in the Videoconference Scheduling Form.
  • Sequential events must be scheduled at least 15 minutes apart, unless the same sites are involved in both events.
  • Videoconferencing events should be scheduled at least 48 hours before the start of the event.
  • All video units should be validated and tested at least 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • Change requests for all scheduled events must be received by MOREnet Video Services at least 24 hours before the event is to occur.


Classes usually recur one or more times per week for a specified period of time during a semester. Participants usually receive credit from the hosting organization upon completion of a class.

Deadlines for scheduling and testing equipment for semester classes are posted on the Deadlines and Important Dates webpage.

Scheduled Non-Class Events

Non-class events are usually one-time events.

If a non-class event is offered more than once, each instance of the event must be requested on a separate form. Non-class events will be confirmed for the current semester only.

NOTE: Members who need a videoconference but are unable to meet these timelines may wish to use MOREnet's Meeting Room service. This service is a same-day service. Space is limited.

Important Scheduling Information

Videoconference Class Submission Deadline: 10 Days Prior to Semester Start Date.

Only originating sites should submit class schedules. Please note that MOREnet members now have the option to schedule their classes directly into the MOREnet videoconference bridge using Renovo Videoconference Scheduling Software. Renovo Video Scheduler checks to ensure that resources are available for the requested conference and then reserves them on the MOREnet bridge eliminating future conflicts. At the scheduled times, the conference automation module will start and end the conference without user interaction. Users are assigned a user name and password with associated privileges and access rights. To learn more or to request training, please contact the MOREnet video group via e-mail at

Validation and Testing

Before you schedule your first videoconference or when you make a change to existing equipment and/or connection you will need to contact MOREnet video support to validate and test your connection.

Codec Validation (Required)

New sites must have its connection validated each semester before it participates in any course. A site should also revalidate its connection whenever it makes a change to its local network infrastructure or video equipment. Sites can contact MOREnet any time during normal business hours to confirm that they can connect with the MOREnet bridge and to check video quality.  Validation helps identify any problems in time to correct them.

Connection Validation for Non-Member Content Providers

If you are bringing content from outside Missouri into a videoconference, please encourage your content provider to validate its connection to MOREnet at least 48 hours before the event. It is also important that the content provider test their content capabilities during the validation process.

Course Testing (Strongly Recommended)

Each course is scheduled on the MOREnet videoconferencing bridge to begin one week before the actual course start date.  MOREnet highly recommends and encourages course testing during the week before the first class starts.

Course testing involves the originating site performing roll call and testing audio and video quality with each of the participating sites for each event. During testing week, Monday - Friday classes are tested at the time the class is first scheduled to meet. Saturday classes will be tested on Friday at a time agreed upon by MOREnet and the originating site.

Problems experienced during testing, along with all test results, should be reported to MOREnet Video Services by the originating site.

Failure to Test

MOREnet recommends that all members participate in testing in order to ensure the best audio and video quality possible. Testing by each participant is crucial to the overall outcome and success of each event. Failure to test during this time may result in problems that adversely affect all participants, not just the problem site. Avoid embarrassment for your organization — participate in advance site testing.