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SE Fiber FAQ

Why did MOREnet offer this connection opportunity?
We are constantly looking for ways to better-serve our members. This is an opportunity to help stabilize costs by building a fiber infrastructure that allows members to connect directly to the backbone and increase bandwidth up to 1 Gigabit (or beyond) while stabilizing tail-circuit costs over the long term.


We already have a MOREnet connection. How would this project impact that?
This would change the way you connect to MOREnet, with a direct connection to the southeast extension of our backbone, the middle–man (external vendor) is eliminated. MOREnet will assist you in the transition, which could mean covering the cost of the termination fees of existing circuits. Your member service advisor will guide you through the process.


What are the benefits of directly connecting to the MOREnet network?
The key advantage is having the fiber infrastructure built directly to your facility, allowing you to turn your bandwidth up to one Gig (or beyond) without the need for an RFP or bid process in the future. This connection will also stabilize your monthly cost of the tail-circuit for up to 20 years!


What kind of commitment would my organization have to make?
Members can commit to 5, 10, or 20 years. The longer the commitment, the lower your recurring monthly cost. It is your choice.


How much will this cost?
The actual one-time cost of building fiber will vary by location and depends on the commitments made by other member sites along the network path. The cost of building the fiber will be a one-time fee, a cost that is specific to each member based on the distance from the backbone. The monthly recurring cost (MRC) will be based on the term of the contract (between 5 and 20 years).


How many MOREnet members could benefit from this particular project?
188 members in southeast Missouri are currently eligible.


Is there any funding source that would help my organization with the one-time fiber installation costs?
Just as you have come to expect from MOREnet, we will work directly with E-Rate on your behalf to help offset the costs. We are also looking into other possible funding sources to help our members take advantage of this ideal connectivity opportunity.


When will I have to firmly commit?
Having several members along a ring of fiber commit to the project prior to July 1, 2014 will lower the cost for all involved, but we understand that some sites may need more time to decide or seek organizational approvals.