MOREnet provides security services and event response to and on behalf of its customers. The MOREnet Security Team is a Computer Security Incident Response Team dedicated to handling security event response for participating Missouri K-12 schools, colleges and universities, libraries, state government and teaching hospitals and clinics. MOREnet Security also provides security consulting, training and alerts to its customers.

Security Contact Information

Patti Dudenhoeffer, Network Security Analyst
Theresa Frommel, Network Security Analyst

Phone: 1-800-509-6673
Fax: 1-573-884-6673

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Threat Monitoring and Mitigation

Use: Malware, spam and attack prevention
Eligibility: Requires an Internet connection from MOREnet. This service is free and applied to all connections by default.

MOREnet blocks millions of malicious IP addresses on our backbone in order to protect your network from malware, phishing, spam and other threats. New threats are blocked on a regular basis. If you are connected to the MOREnet network, you can count on us as your first layer of protection.

Good Network Neighbor Service – Microsoft Ports (GNN 1)

Use: Malware/attack prevention
Eligibility: Requires an Internet connection from MOREnet. This service is free, but you must sign up.

Our GNN 1 service blocks the Windows Networking ports known to be prone to exploitation by viruses and other malware. This service also eases the load on your firewall by blocking the nuisance scanning of these ports and reducing the amount of traffic it needs to process.

Good Network Neighbor Service – SMTP (GNN 2)

Use: Prevents unauthorized e-mail from leaving your network.
Eligibility: Requires an Internet connection from MOREnet. This service is free, but you must sign up.

Malware will often install an SMTP server on infected systems in order to send spam. GNN 2 will prevent these infected systems from sending e-mail outside of your network. This could prevent blacklisting of your network, keep systems from sending out infected attachments, and stop inappropriate messages that could tarnish your reputation. This service will not prevent infected systems from sending messages through your authorized e-mail server.

Blackhole DNS (BHDNS)

Use: Malware prevention
Eligibility: Requires MOREnet membership. This service is free, but you must make a configuration change on your network.

Using our Blackhole DNS service is an important layer in preventing malware infections. We blacklist thousands of malicious domains every week and often block newly registered domains before they are used for malicious activity! This free service will help you recover staff time that is being used to clean infected systems.

E-mail Virus and Spam Filtering (EVSF)

Use: Spam and malware prevention
Eligibility: Requires MOREnet membership or a MOREnet connection. Fee-based service for those who manage their own e-mail servers.

E-mail viruses and spam are two of the biggest hassles system administrators have to deal with on today's Internet. This low-cost MOREnet service provides e-mail system protection on the MOREnet backbone, saving local administrators time and money. Because MOREnet removes the large majority of spam before it gets delivered to your local systems, this will reduce processor load and may increase the longevity of the mail server or local spam filtering device.

Internet Content Filtering (ICF)

Use: CIPA compliance, local policy enforcement, and malware prevention.
Eligibility: Requires MOREnet membership.  Fee-based service.

MOREnet offers an Internet filtering solution that can be managed locally or by MOREnet support staff.

Incident Response and Technical Support

Use: Incident management and mitigation, bandwidth analysis, general security questions, and security notifications.
Eligibility: Requires MOREnet membership or a MOREnet connection.  This service is free and applied to all connections by default.

MOREnet’s security team includes trained and experienced personnel. We won’t just tell you that you have a problem; we will assist you with trying to fix it! The security team belongs to several national groups that allow us to be on the cutting edge of threat discovery, mitigation and notification.  We proactively look for malware infections, before the problem becomes much worse for our customers. Contact us as your resource for security research and guidance.


Use: Professional development
Eligibility: Requires MOREnet membership.

MOREnet offers a variety of training courses on security topics. From discounts on SANS training, to instruction from MOREnet staff, we provide you with timely, practical and useful professional development.

Conferences and Events

Use: Professional development
Eligibility: Reduced costs for MOREnet members. Some conferences and events open only to MOREnet members.

MOREnet’s Security Symposium is an annual event that brings a diverse group of professionals together for one day to study key issues, learn new approaches, see new technologies, share best practices, and network with colleagues.

Stay connected. Stay secure!