Berlin Wall Memorial - Fulton, MO

Sept. 21, 2006

MOREnet Council Meeting Minutes

Council Member Attendees: Robert Stein, Chair, Gary Allen, Cheryl Bielema, Annie Busch, Margaret Conroy, Jeanie Gordon, Rita Gulstad, Debbie Hughes and Dan Ross

Alternates Present: Barbara Reading, Glenda Hunt, Tom Stokes, Deborah Sutton, Jim Tom

MOREnet Staff Present: Dave Byland, Jennifer Doll, Bill Giddings, Sherry Loyd, Debbie Rodman

Public Present: Debbie Musselman, Linda Hammer

MOREnet Council Chair Stein called the MOREnet Council conference call meeting to order. Those who were in attendance are listed above.

Chair Stein reiterated the desire for all alternates to be active in all meetings for continuity purposes.


Minutes of the July 14, 2006 MOREnet Council Meeting - Approval

Rita Gulstad moved that the minutes of the July 14, 2006 MOREnet Council meeting be approved as distributed. Jeanie Gordon seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Council Goals - Discussion and Approval

Annie Busch moved to approve the MOREnet Council Vision statement as distributed. Rita Gulstad seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Margaret Conroy wasn't able to weigh in prior to the above motion. She would like to see the vision statement be shorter and more general in nature. Conroy will share her thoughts with the other entity representatives prior to the next Council meeting in hopes of bringing forward another version of the vision statement to that meeting.

There was discussion around the desire to merge some goals together and to identify multiple measurements for each goal. Long Range Planning will be removed as a goal as it is a responsibility listed in the Council Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Conroy, Gulstad, Gordon/Deb Sutton and Dave Byland have been charged with taking the 6 goals distributed and condensing them down to 3 as well as identifying possible multiple measures for each.


FY06 Year-End Financial Results

No discussion.


NGN Project Update - Discussion/Information

Byland reported as Bill Mitchell was in a meeting with the California Research & Education Network (CENIC) consultants. He reported that the backbone bid has been awarded and the hope is to have it installed by the end of December and that the internet access bid is still in process. MOREnet has received confirmation that the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) approved MOREnet using their fiber, which goes between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Gary Allen added that UM Legal is working through the legal requirements for SURA as quickly as possible.

FY08 Appropriations Request & Legislative Strategy - Discussion

Byland reported that the FY08 MOREnet Appropriation requests were submitted and forwarded to CBHE, however, UM requested the forms be modified so the requests comply with the other UM submissions. MOREnet took advantage of the opportunity to include a potential future impact from the bill recently passed on Virtual Schools.

The updated appropriation requests will be sent electronically to the Council members.

The Missouri Library Association has shared their upcoming legislative agenda and it has been suggested to MOREnet by a number of entities that MOREnet needs to be prepared to work with the legislators from the Columbia area. In response to these suggestions, MOREnet will be holding a Member Show Case on November 15th for legislators to be sure they understand what MOREnet is and what we do. Chair Stein suggested that this would be good for all legislators. Dan Ross asked if he could be of any assistance by attending.

CALEA Update - Discussion

No discussion.

MOREnet Operating Plan, Sept. - Dec. 2006

No discussion.

New Council Member Orientation Plan - Information

No discussion.

FY07 Budget as Approved - Information

No discussion.

MOREnet Research Plan - Information

No discussion.

Planning Calendar Update - Information

No discussion.

Agency Reports

Ross reported that the state has received 5 responses to the converged voice, video, network bid. Two of the 5 were no bid responses and 3 are viable (AT&T, Verizon, and a consortium of IBM/Sprint/others). The state intends to award late fall. All 3 had the opportunity to use all or a portion of the MoDOT fiber; which is lit and working.

He also stated that the budget season has started and the state and MOREnet need to go to the legislators hand in hand to say that they're not competing with one another. Don't move MOREnet under the state and explain that each serve different constituencies.

Other Business

Next meeting is November 17, 2006.

Open Time for the Public to Address the Council


Ross moved to adjourn at 1:45 p.m. Cheryl Bielema seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Respectively Submitted,
Sherry Loyd