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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

MOREnet operates a cost-effective, shared fiber-optic network for Missouri’s K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, public libraries and government agencies.

Due to its current configuration, robust design and data center proximity, the MOREnet shared network presents significant opportunities for members to realize both financial savings and performance benefits, leveraging the overall network investment. MOREnet is establishing strategic partnerships with vendors to offer solutions to meet members’ critical business needs. Some of these partnerships will directly connect specific vendor networks to the MOREnet network. By doing this, both networks reduce the amount of transit network services they require, improve response times and improve performance of the applications running between them.

Current Partnerships

Netelligent - Hosted Café

Many MOREnet members can leverage their existing MOREnet network connection to reduce costs for telephony services provided by Netelligent. For more information, MOREnet members may contact Netelligent at (314) 392-6900.  

CDW-G for Higher Education Members

MOREnet and the University of Missouri are pleased to extend the University’s CDW-G contract pricing to all eligible MOREnet higher education members. These higher education institution members are eligible for discounts as a percentage off of CDW-G’s advertised pricing.


MOREnet offers its Full Service Package members significant savings on Dell laptops and desktops through a purchasing contract with Dell.

Socket- Voice/ Hosted Phone Services

MOREnet members can leverage their existing network connection to reduce costs for telephony services. For more information on voice and hosted phone services from Socket, call (800) 762-5383 or (573) 817-0000.

MOREnet invites mutually beneficial peering opportunities that directly serve our membership. For more information, contact Hank Niederhelm, Director of Infrastructure, at (573) 884-7200.